Passengers of airline “VIM-Avia” filed the first lawsuit against the carrier. For the delay the plaintiffs seek to recover from the company, refused to operate flights due to financial difficulties, 869 thousand rubles.

The claim was registered in the Podolsk city court of the Moscow region on Monday, October 2, follows from the materials published on the website of the court. The plaintiffs are S. Gal and Gal Inessa, acting in the interests of the minors Maria Gaal.

As a Respondent indicated LLC “Airline “VIM-Avia”. A third party in the case is LLC “TT travel” (the official name of the tour operator TUI).

Representing the plaintiffs lawyer Alexei Mikhalchik told TASS: “we are Talking about the first lawsuit suffered from the actions of “VIM-Avia”, we ask Podolsk court of Moscow region to recover from the airline 869 thousand rubles.”

The airline “VIM-Avia” on September 25 announced the termination of all of their Charter flights due to financial problems and shortage of working capital. This was preceded by a series of delays of aircraft in Russian and foreign airports.

The crisis in “VIM-Avia” has suffered tens of thousands of Russian tourists have been unable to return home. The solution to this problem has been specially created anti-crisis headquarters with the Federal air transport Agency. Assistance in the return of tourists “VIM-Avia” home have a and other airlines.

The “VIM-Avia”, which the Ministry of transport for a fortnight had restored passenger flights under its guarantee, will also receive from the state half a billion rubles of subsidies for air transportation. However, experts believe that such infusion the company will not save and is only delaying its inevitable end.

In fact what is happening around the “VIM-Avia” the Prosecutor’s office began check of activity of the carrier, and the UK opened a criminal case under part 4 of article 159 of the criminal code (“Fraud in especially large size”) concerning the embezzlement of passengers. According to the investigation, from September 22, officials of the airline, knowing about the problems with the funds and not being able to carry passengers, continued to sell tickets on flights. In the end, the user received more than 1 million rubles.

Passengers “VIM-Avia” filed the first lawsuit against the airline for the delay 03.10.2017

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