The feast of the Nativity of John the Baptist, which the Church celebrates on 7 July new style, the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill performed the rite of the great consecration of the Baptist Church at the Novodevichy convent of the capital.

“We know that often today the building of temples accompanied by some protest actions. Someone can be doing this with malicious intent, and someone in the dark” – leads portal “Interfax-Religion” words of the Patriarch, with whom he addressed the faithful after the consecration.

The Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church advised such people to come to the walls of the Novodevichy convent “and see how perfectly, perfectly fits the Church in the environment.”

“Otherwise, it could not be. No wonder our pious ancestors always to build temples was elected the most beautiful, high place. And what would happen to Russia, what would be its face, if not preserved at least a few of those wonderful temples which now adorn our towns and villages!” – said the Patriarch, wishing to have successfully continued the construction of new churches.

After the consecration, the Patriarch officiated in the temple Liturgy, which brought together hundreds of believers.

The Church at the Novodevichy monastery was built in 1525 and recently restored by the Eastern wall of the monastery in the framework of the program of construction in Moscow of the Orthodox churches.

During the war of 1812 in the Novodevichy convent was placed on wait a contingent of French soldiers. The monastery has personally visited Napoleon. On his orders the temple was blown up.

We will remind that the decision on the reconstruction of the temple was made in connection with the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the Patriotic war of 1812. Meanwhile, archaeologists offered on the site of the destroyed Church just to build a small memorial chapel. At the place where the temple stood, had been used for archaeological research. According to scientists, there ought to open a Museum with archaeological finds from excavations. It was found about 300 burials of the medieval period. As was stated then head of sector of archeology of Moscow Institute of archaeology RAS Leonid Belyaev, after the excavation has begun “large-scale anthropological work, and can be created the portraits of the buried “in those cases, when possible.” In addition, it will create a genetic Bank.

Novodevichy monastery is protected by UNESCO. The Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation stressed that the construction of the temple next to the monument, UNESCO would have to be closely monitored. There were assured that the new Church will not break ensemble of the Novodevichy convent. To perform this task, the temple was going to build a few below the original, its height determined in 30 meters, as it was in the XIX century, and only 18. The appearance of the Church specialists were restored according to old lithographs.

Meanwhile, Moscow city defenders in the summer of 2012 opposed the rebuilding of the temple. They argued that the rebuilding blown up by Napoleon’s monument may spoil the composition of the Novodevichy convent.

A serious argument against the reconstruction of the temple was a complete lack of drawings and measurements of buildings, lost 200 years ago. The only image of the temple is preserved only in the figure of the XVIII century. It did not give reasonably accurate views about the shape of the structure, making it impossible historically accurate scientific reconstruction.

Patriarch Kirill consecrated the Church, blown up by Napoleon, and gave advice to opponents of the erection of churches 07.07.2016

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