The Catholicos-Patriarch of all Georgia Ilia II has again proposed to consider the possibility of establishing in the country a constitutional monarchy, reports “Interfax-Religion”. A few years ago, he put forward the idea of introducing such a form of government in Georgia.

“Georgia is an ancient country with an ancient culture. Maybe we thought of who we were in the past, who we are today and what we will be tomorrow? Maybe consider that Georgia is the oldest monarchy?” – said Ilia II during his Sunday prayer at the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in Tbilisi.

“In the world today are frequent cases when the king is called a monarchy, the king reigns but does not rule. It’s called a constitutional monarchy and brings tranquillity to the country,” – said the Primate of the Georgian Orthodox Church. At the same time, Ilia II acknowledged that in Georgia today or tomorrow is unlikely to be possible to establish a constitutional monarchy, reports TASS. “But we must examine the past, present and future, we must find ways to peace and tranquility,” he said.

The Chairman of Parliament of Georgia Irakli Kobakhidze said on Monday to journalists that will hold a meeting with Catholicos Patriarch, which will discuss the idea of restoring the country’s constitutional
monarchy. According to the speaker, said the Primate of the Georgian Church “is a truth – it is that constitutional monarchy brings peace of mind in political and public life.” It is suggested to consider all the factors, including the Georgian specifics. The question was raised whether the restoration of a constitutional monarchy in any form in the format of the state constitutional Commission, the speaker replied in the negative.

The Catholicos is not the first time advocated the establishment in Georgia of a constitutional monarchy. In 2007, he said that “the people of Georgia for more than 200 years, dreams of restoring the oldest Board of the Bagrationi dynasty, a reign which ended in 1801″. Ilia II expressed the opinion that “to restore the reign of the Prince of the country and people need to be prepared carefully to bring up a child as a worthy representative of this dynasty in order to prepare him for the reign in the case of the establishment of the constitutional monarchical form of government.”

Recall, November 3, 2013 in the Georgian Cathedral Svetitskhoveli in Mtskheta was the baptism of two years of Prince George the descendant of the Royal family of Bagrationi. As has declared then to journalists, one of the godfathers of Prince businessman Levan Vasadze, “we have laid a solid Foundation for the restoration of the constitutional monarchy, as has blessed us with the Patriarch.”

The first son of the Georgian Royal family, Anna Bagration-Georgian and David Bagration-mukhran the Prince George was born in Madrid on 27 September 2011. His parents were married in 2009 at the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in Tbilisi.

Bagration (Bagrationi), the ancient Royal dynasty in Georgia, of which there were many outstanding state and military leaders of Georgia and Russia. The historic Georgian Scriptures are the Bagrationi chronology from the VI century BC, modern scholars date the founding date of the family to the VIII-IX centuries. Dynasty of Bagrationi is one of the oldest existing dynasties.

In 1783 the king of Kartli and Kakheti Irakli II signed the Georgievsk Tractate on the recognition of the Supreme authority of the Russian Emperor. Russia promised the patronage of the Cartan-Kakheti Kingdom, and ensured its integrity, kept for Irakli II and his descendants the throne, assured of non-interference in the internal Affairs of the Kingdom. However, in 1787, under pressure from Turkey, the Russian troops were withdrawn from Georgia.

In 1800 the dying king George XII was made by Emperor Paul I promise to return to the Russian patronage. But after the death of the Georgian king Paul took the decision to abolish the Cartan-Kakheti Kingdom. Alexander I issued a Manifesto of 12 September 1801 finally annexed the Georgian territories to Russia. In 1810 the Russian Empire included the Kingdom of Imereti, in 1811, abolished the autonomy of the Gurian Principality, in the years 1857-1867 – autonomy Megrelian, Svan and Abkhazian principalities.

Members of the Georgian Royal family was forcibly taken to Russia. In 1841, the Russian government officially recognized them as “members of the former Royal House of Georgia”. In June of 1865, the descendants of George irakliyevich, the last king of Georgia and Imereti, was granted the title of Grand Duke of the Georgian.

Patriarch of Georgia again came up with the idea of establishing in the country a constitutional monarchy 19.06.2017

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