Patrol boat of the Iranian Islamic revolutionary guard Corps (IRGC) have a sight to be near him, the helicopter of the US Navy. The incident occurred on Saturday, November 26, in the Strait of Hormuz.

An American Seahawk helicopter accompanied the aircraft carrier “Dwight Eisenhower” (USS Dwight D. Eisenhower) in his way to the Persian Gulf, when he found himself in the crosshairs of the ship, the IRGC, reported CNN , citing Pentagon sources. The Iranians eventually did not open fire.

Two sources of Reuters, the Pentagon also announced that a small ship of the revolutionary guards pointed their weapons at a U.S. military helicopter. The news Agency described these actions as “unsafe and unprofessional”. According to them, the incident occurred when the helicopter MH-60 flew at a distance of 0.8 kilometers from the two Iranian ships in international waters. One of the vessels of the revolutionary guards pointed their guns at the helicopter of the US Navy.

Iranian ships regularly get close to American ships in this part of the Strait. The current incident was the first since the election of billionaire Donald trump for President of the United States, Reuters reports. During his election campaign, the Republican has promised that in case of his victory in the presidential election, any Iranian ship that would haunt the US Navy ships in the Persian Gulf, would be “shelled with of water.” The powers of trump as President will take effect from January 20, 2017.

In August in the Northern part of the Gulf patrol ship USS Squall fired three warning shots into the water, after boats of the IRGC were in the vicinity of us warships.

The crew of the American Squall tried to contact by radio with the Iranian ship, and with the help of flares showed that the boat must leave the territory. When the reaction is not followed, the American ship fired warning shots into the water toward the Iranian ship.

Then the representatives of the armed forces of the United States expressed its concern over the fact that they called provocative actions of Iran in the Persian Gulf. “If they continue to test us, we are going to respond, we intend to protect ourselves and our partners,” said General Joseph Votel, commander of the Central command of the armed forces of the United States, at a press conference after the incident with the patrol ship.

By August, the number of such dangerous incidents surpassed the total number for 2015, CNN said an unnamed Pentagon spokesman. According Votela, about “90% of these unsafe, unprofessional actions” is a division of the IRGC, not the major naval forces of Iran. American General believes that this activity is aimed at protecting the interests of the Iranian people and a regime that is trying to “foment instability in the region.”

The day before the incident with the patrol ship by an anonymous representative of the Ministry of defense told journalists on dangerous rapprochement the Iranian military speedboats of the IRGC with us missile destroyer Nitze. The incident occurred in the Strait of Hormuz. According to the source, two Iranian vessels were at a distance of 300 yards (about 274 meters) from the destroyer.

The Persian Gulf and the narrow Strait of Hormuz is considered a key strategic reservoirs in the region, through which ships large volumes of oil is supplied.

Patrol boat Iran took in the sights of an American helicopter that accompanied the U.S. aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf 29.11.2016

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