Russia, like other countries, concerned by the development of nuclear potential of North Korea, but calls for restraint and believes that one should not provoke Pyongyang to military action. This opinion was expressed by the Secretary of the Russian security Council Nikolai Patrushev in an interview to “Russia 24″, repeating the words of Russian President Vladimir Putin made at a press conference following his visit to China. Then the Russian leader said that “no nuclear or missile tests, we do not consider acceptable, but we need to return to dialogue” and find “ways for peaceful solutions to these problems”. And the US actions against North Korea, Putin called “intimidation”.

Today Secretary of the security Council also noted that to resolve the situation
do not provoke Pyongyang. “Do not provoke them to it. But this deal! They (DPRK) see that they are isolated, they must ensure their safety, that they do not have a development plan, they see the threat,” – said Patrushev.

“It is not the subject of the conversation bilateral, and multilateral. I think it’s hard, you need to strive to negotiate, including with North Korea,” said Secretary of the security Council, noting that Russia – “the country that borders with them, we cannot fail to be puzzled when they improve their missile technology, nuclear capability. This worries us,” – reports the words of Patrushev TASS.

The situation around the Korean Peninsula remains tense. It became known yesterday that the United States sent to the region of the second carrier. The Pentagon said that the USS Ronald Reagan will hold off the coast of the Korean Peninsula joint exercise with already in the region aircraft carrier group headed by USS Carl Vinson. Ronald Reagan, head of the strike group the U.S. Navy, on Tuesday left a naval base Yokosuka and headed to the area designated military command.

It is noted that the strengthening of the US aircraft carrier groups was a response to a recent successful missile test by North Korea. May 14, Pyongyang has carried out another launch of a ballistic missile near the city of Koson (North West province’s Do). The rocket flight lasted 30 minutes, its range was 800 kilometers. According to Pacific command (PACOM) of the US forces, the missile fell into the sea of Japan near the coast of Primorsky Krai of Russia. The Russian military saidthat was tracking the flight and the rocket is “guaranteed to neutralize”.

Later in the Central Telegraph Agency of Korea reported on the successful launch and said the missile “Hanson-12″ “capable of carrying a heavy nuclear warhead.

This week, the White house urged China and Russia to influence the situation around North Korea. The actions of the authorities of the DPRK, which continue to carry out missile and nuclear tests threaten the security of not only the US but also Japan, South Korea, China and Russia, said at a briefing the press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer. “We urge all in the region, especially China and Russia, to do all that is possible on sanctions to help thereby resolving the situation and return stability on the Peninsula,” he said.

Patrushev: Russia is concerned about the DPRK’s nuclear programme, but urged not to provoke Pyongyang 19.05.2017

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