Famous Russian film Director and screenwriter, people’s artist of Russia, multiple winner of the award “Nika” nominee of the award “Oscar” and “Golden globe” Paul wins on Friday, 14 October, marks the 70th anniversary.

“I’m far away from Moscow and want to spend the day in silence, because, in principle, have never been serious to their birthdays, anniversaries especially, not like all this,” said Chukhrai TASS.

A few days before the anniversary, I have completed work on their new, first in the last few years, the film “Baltic tango”. The shooting took place in Moscow and the Baltic States.

As the Director admitted, it is very important to him and relevant to our time pattern. “This is a love story-hatred of two young dissimilar people. Love story on the backdrop of the most dramatic issues and events of the twentieth century. National, cultural intolerance cruel parts of my characters, breaks their fate. The film takes place in 1940-50-ies in the Soviet Union, particularly in Lithuania, which was then a Soviet Republic,” – said the Director.

The film “Baltic tango” is based on the novel by Efraim Sevela, “Sell your mother”. Speech in the film is about a Jewish boy Max and Lithuanian girl Lima, who loved each other in childhood, but they were separated by war. When the Germans entered Lithuania, the Jews were sent to the ghetto for destruction. Max managed to survive. Lime was on the other side – her father was secretly collaborating with the Germans. “Max and Lima shared the prejudices and contradictions that remained even when young people years later met again,” said Chukhrai.

The main role in the film played by Yulia Peresild, and Rinal Mukhametov. The film also played by Sergei Garmash and Lithuanian actors Andrius has Bialobrzeski, Dace Evers, Dainius Kazlauskas and others.

Working title of the film was “Alien”, then the name has changed. Asked NSN to the question of why it happened-I said, “the Name came up, but so many movies with him that because of the confusion I decided to rename”.

Pavel Chukhrai said that the audience will see his new film in the next few months, maybe closer to the New year. “It’s not really from us, because there are lending policies in our country. And it all depends on how it will develop”, – he explained.

TASS Director said that, if you get a chance to show the film on television, his team will make four series, as material accumulated a lot, and some lines were not included in the cinematic version.

The “alien” series of science fiction thrillers. The first film “Alien” Director Ridley Scott took in 1979. In 1986 came the second film of the series – “Aliens” by James Cameron. “Alien 3″ – the 1992 film, the directorial debut of David Fincher. “Alien: Resurrection” is a 1997 film directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet screenplay by Joss Whedon.

Pavel Chukhrai changed the name of the movie “Alien”, not to be confused with the same pictures 14.10.2016

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