The Creator of a social network “Vkontakte” and the messenger Telegram Pavel Durov explained that the lawsuit against its former employee, Anton Rosenberg was filed after threats and extortion from contractor’s Telegram of 30 million rubles. About this Durov wrote on his page “Vkontakte”.

Rosenberg, who for several months worked as a wrestler for spam in the company – Telegram contractor – Russian company “Telegraph”, according to Durov, “made surreal story about how they lost work because of my brother Nicholas and company “Telegraph” demanded “100 million” rubles.”

“The main party to the conflict, the Director of “the Telegraph” Alexander Stepanov, today introduced the “battle for the facts” in detail, denying each of made by Rosenberg claims through the documents and Chronicles of events”, – said Durov.

He referred in this published on the website of the”Telegraph” documents proving that Rosenberg “spreading false information and fudging the facts”, and “daily adapts to new published data, changing the narrative depending on the situation.”

According to Pavel Durov, “is not “the Telegraph” asked Rosenberg 100 million rubles, and Rosenberg extorted from the “Telegraph” 30 million”. “And he never lost a job because of my brother Nicholas, but rather received it through him,” – said the founder of Telegram.

Durov called Rosenberg’s man, “who decided to change their confidence in him at 30 million rubles, weaving it into this tangle of greed of their friends and family.” Previously Pavel Durov said, referring to members of the family of Rosenberg that “the person suffers from a mental illness”, and even diagnosed him as “schizophasia”.

Rosenberg’s demand to pay him 30 million rubles, which he omitted in his story of “unfair dismissal”, published on the website by the Director of the “Telegraph” Stepanov, among other documents. Stepanov explains that the official reason for the dismissal of Rosenberg steel truancy and not conflict with Nikolai Durov. Rosenberg did not come to work at least 19 times.

Approval Stepanova, Nikolai Durov was friends with Rosenberg, who could not find work, and in 2016, helped him get in “the Telegraph”. While Rosenberg “bought yourself the title of “Director for special areas”, but the essence of his activities was more mundane – fight spam”, “he played the role of Manager and had subordinates,” explained the company.

In April he was fired after he’s started recording his colleagues on the recorder without warning, and before that extorted then 25, then 30 million – his salary over 10-12 years. The guide offered him four million, but he did not agree and started to threaten the company publicly.

After trying to resolve the situation peacefully, which has not led to success, “the Telegraph” gave to the Rosenberg sued for 100 million rubles. According to Rosenberg, before the trial, OOO “Telegraph” did not make him proposals to enter into a settlement agreement. At the same time, he acknowledged that on the night of September 22 the lawyer of the company still sent him a similar offer.

Petrodvortsovy district court of St. Petersburg postponed the meeting in the Rosenberg case until 17 October, it will pass in the closed mode.

Recall that the explanation of Rosenberg, who accused the founder of the social network Pavel Durov in unfair dismissal was based on the fact that the actor is a senior it “secretly hated” because he was in love with his future at that time, the wife and showed her attentions behind him.

Pavel Durov explained the lawsuit to a former employee of the Telegram extortion of 30 million rubles 22.09.2017

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