The Director, Pavel Lungin, has just introduced in Moscow mystical Thriller “the Queen of Spades,” admitted that preparing to shoot a feature film about Stalin’s camps, based on documentary materials.

“Thoughts for the future I already have. I’ve been eyeing one subject and think that now is the time to make a picture about Stalin’s camps,” quotes his words TASS. The Director recalled that it was “a horrible example of cruelty, but also a time of incredible power people have when suffering innocent”.

“We must not forget about this period. Now in society there is a dispute about Ivan the terrible, and assume that there will soon be arguing about Stalin. I’m looking for real stories about that time, the memories of people who survived the camps, I collect the different pieces of documentary history,” – said the author of the film “Tsar”.

Lungin has not specified when it will be ready to begin work on a new painting.

Note, after opening in Orel Russia’s first monument to Ivan the terrible, in Lungin’s comments “a New newspaper” called the king “synoubiytsa, a killer, vokovice” who “personally took part in torture” and was “a real villain”.

“It matters to us. These questions about us. How do we assess their past and present. And then we realize that actually we are not talking about the terrible. It’s all euphemisms and not allowed debate about Stalin. And terrible, with a light hand of course, used as a metaphor for the assessment of Stalin’s rule. It’s like a dream about him. So there is a certain part of people in our society who wish to divide the country into friends and foes, to the executioners and the victims. For some reason, they firmly believe that they will be among the executioners,” explained the Director.

In the film, Lungin 2009 reveals the conflict of Ivan the terrible (played by Pyotr Mamonov), the Metropolitan of Moscow Philip, played by Oleg Yankovsky. It ends with the Metropolitan accuses the king in abject cruelty, he ordered Skuratov to kill him. In the final terrible all night waiting for the “fun” in a specially built Torture town, praying and asks: “Where are my people?”

Pavel Lungin has conceived a film about Stalin’s camps 10.11.2016

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