Russian President Vladimir Putin promised to support the proposal of “Aeroflot”
the introduction of black lists for “destructive of passengers and
other means by which the carrier proposed to protect them from
the crew, including the idea of equipping the boards with handcuffs and straps,
allowing to immobilize brawlers. This was announced in
Thursday, September 29, at a meeting in Novo-Ogaryovo residence in
The suburbs with the General Director of “Aeroflot” Vitaly Saveliev,
a transcript of which is published on the website
Of the Kremlin.

“From the questions, Mr President, who would like to sharpen…
to support us with blacklists for destructive
passengers, because the situation is absolutely abnormal”, – said Saveliev. “We have an internal blacklist to 3090 people,” he added.

“People are becoming harder responsibility they have only
administrative, very low,” complained the head of Aeroflot and
he cited the example of Western law: “There is not just a huge
penalties there for such actions, the injury which they deliver
our cabin crew, prison terms of up to 20 years.”

As one of the measures to combat rowdy Vitaly Saveliev suggested
increase the penalties: “We propose to transfer administrative
liability for certain part of the criminal to raise the fine up to
500 thousand rubles. In some countries of Europe up to 100 thousand euros pay
for what are they doing on Board”, – reported the head of “Aeroflot”.

“Let us, like all airlines in Europe,
have on Board deterrent is the plastic handcuffs and
the belts, because we associate offenders with a rug – asked
Savelyev. – I believe that these measures give us the opportunity to
the implementation of black lists – allows you to bring in the feeling of passengers
when we will refuse to transport, as do our foreign
colleagues for about five years. We ask you to support it because
for us it is very important because our cabin crew from this
significantly suffer.”

“I will support your proposal, it’s time to do it,”
responded to this request Putin.

Still avialability subject to administrative
responsibility under article 20.21 of the code of administrative
offences of the Russian Federation (“the Appearance in public places in the state
intoxication”). The maximum penalty for this offence is a fine of 1,000
rubles. This was punished
in June, the 37-year-old Russian Mikhail flying with his family in Tunisia and on the way
insulting the crew and other passengers. The flight was delayed for a few
hours, Michael was bound with duct tape and put it near the plane, and he
continued to scream.

It was after this incident the General Director “Aeroflot” Vitaly Saveliev
announced that they had sent a letter to the presidential administration of the Russian Federation with
a request to increase the responsibility for passengers arranging a brawl on

In 2016, the media reported other Avialeasing. June 9 at the airport
Vnukovo’s security service caught
the drunk inhabitant of Arkhangelsk, who wished to leave the “sterile” area.
Stand fences he broke the glass doors and stepped onto the tarmac.
June 10 at Koltsovo airport of Yekaterinburg, the aircraft “Aeroflot”,
EN route Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk – Moscow, was forced
to make an emergency landing because of a drunken passenger who started
kick up a row in the cabin and beat
one of the flight attendants.

The press gets only a fraction of cases, but they occur regularly
especially on the flight carrying the batch of tourists (tourists
buy the “package tours” that include transportation, accommodation, meals and
excursions), so passengers, arranging scandals and uproars on Board
planes are called in the jargon of the stewards “bilobectomy”.

The resonant case, which began active discussions
the imposition of a different punishment for the brawlers was the 11 incident
January 2013 on Board the aircraft of airline “Kogalymavia”,
flying from Moscow to Hurghada. Drunk Russian Sergey Kabalov
swore, beat up the conductor and threatened to hijack the plane. The last two
fact prevented him to get off with a fine: the court recognized
him guilty
in infliction of bodily harm and attempted murder
on the hijacking of the aircraft, he departed
in prison for a year and eight months.

In 2013, the state Duma was introduced
a bill to toughen administrative responsibility for
offenses in the plane, providing for a fine of 300 to 500 thousand
rubles for gross violation of public order with the use or
the threat of violence, but he admitted he was not.

“People are becoming tougher: Putin has supported the offer of “Aeroflot” on black lists, handcuffs and belts for aviakerosene 29.09.2016

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