Residents of Yekaterinburg abuse of food with salt, found the city center of medical prevention and in this regard launched a campaign against the excessive consumption of sodium chloride.

In the course of the center of the survey over a third of respondents (37.3 per cent) confessed that dolivayut prepared foods, reported on the website of the centre. More other’re overcompensating men. High salt intake observed among respondents aged 25 to 34 years.

Among the local students, the figures were even more alarming 47% of respondents from this category of respondents said that adding salt to food after the test, and 4% salt without even trying the dish.

“The consumption of salt in excessive quantities may lead or contribute to development of hypertension or high blood pressure and significantly increase the risk of heart disease and stroke” – warn in the center.

Reduce salt intake citizens preventive center hopes with the help of specially filmed videos that have already appeared on YouTube.

People with scary video I want to wean off the salt with which they are overdoing it 23.06.2017

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