Commissioner for the rights of the child in the Perm edge Pavel Mikov has denied messages of mass media that from school Tchaikovsky city of the Perm region, was expelled student with cancer. Earlier it was reported about the two girls. From Mikova data about the second child, no. The local Prosecutor’s office checks this situation.

“One girl from school was not expelled. The only order of dismissal (which is signed) – in connection with the termination of nine classes, obtaining basic education,” said Mikov correspondent of”Medusa”. Such orders, he said, are available for all students who have successfully graduated nine classes. Note that the data media about the student differ: one wrote that she was in the 10th grade, the other in 11th.

After finishing ninth grade, parents must either apply for continued education or to go to another school, said the Commissioner. According to him, a student wrote the statement and went to another school.

To the mother, he said, it was a complete surprise. The reason for such action, according to Mikova, was “the emotional response caused by the difficulties of adapting to a new team,” reports “Medusa”.

Expulsion from school by law is only possible in agreement with the Commission on Affairs of minors and protection of their rights. From school any statements to the Commission did not, said the Ombudsman.

Mikov in an interview with “Russian newspaper” said: “this year when translated to the next grade, according to regulations, all students had to pass tests. The girl didn’t participate in them. In addition, her mother summer took a personal matter of school. Now her daughter is studying in another school. No claims they had not previously expressed.”

As informs television channel NTV, Director of the school stated that the girl had not filed a statement about the transition in the 10th grade. According to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”, the Director of the gymnasium Marina Rusinova proposed to recover the girl at the previous place of study, provided that it passes the necessary tests. About the second child, no references.

On 12 October it became known that the girl in Tchaikovsky city of the Perm region appealed to the local children’s Ombudsman with the request to protect its rights in connection with expulsion from school because of cancer treatments. According to journalists, during the summer vacation the Director of the gymnasium Marina Rusinova demanded of the two girls to leave, because a significant portion of the last school year they spent in treatment at the cancer center of Perm, as well as home schooling than the “ruined the data”.

The parents declined to comment. According to the site “Pro City”, and the second expelled the girl was studying in the fifth grade.

In the Charter of the gymnasium is no ban on teaching children with any disease, but rather, the responsibilities for assistance to such students.

Perm Ombudsman denied the deduction of two Schoolgirls with cancer 13.10.2016

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