23-year-old physical education teacher from Suksun, who is also the son of the school Director, was at the epicenter of pedagogical scandal after fired smokers in the bushes of students.

According to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, the incident occurred on September 21. Five ninth-graders had smoked in the bushes near the school building. At this time, the porch seemed a young physical education teacher. He got in his car, but I didn’t.

When he started whistling bullets, teenagers did not realize that it fired. Only when they began to look around, I noticed that from the car window. sticking out of the barrel.

“We ran. When I jumped over the fence, I in the chest the bullet hit, two more legs. The other guys only on the backpacks arrived,” says one of the victims.

A teenager with blood on his shirt turned to secretagogue. She promised to investigate, and the next day explained – the teacher thought that in the bushes “whether a dog, or the homeless.” On this the trial ended.

Parents do not have to call an ambulance and to contact the police: thought that for a year before enrolling in College to spoil relations with the school not with his hands.

“The Director told me: the teacher has prepared the weapon for a lesson OBZH and shot at the bushes, where happened to be students, you know? I said call him – let alone in the eyes tell all. Alexander came to the principal’s office and said, “I repeatedly warned not to smoke at school.” I almost shouted, “I’m for you, whether that son was raised to 15 years? Bullet from his ear whistled! And if at this point he turned? Bullet in the head would’ve got it!” He started making excuses, saying that I not the child was shot, and on the wall and on the legs. As if the legs are not children!” – outraged mother of a wounded teenager.

The gunman the teacher is not only exercise, but also a section on basketball, life safety and the law. The journalists claimed that they had received information about other examples of his inappropriate behavior.

After the shooting in the school yard became a subject of discussion in social networks, the local education Department has initiated an official investigation and contact law enforcement.

Perm teacher opened fire on students who smoke 11.10.2016

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