In Israel during the three-day visit of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev near the office of Prime Minister in Jerusalem, where he was meeting Russian Prime Minister and his colleagues Benjamin Netanyahu, there was a demonstration of Arab and Jewish activists under the slogan “Medvedev – persona non grata”, organized by the Committee for humanitarian assistance to the Syrian people.

The demonstrators were holding posters with inscriptions in Arabic, Hebrew, English and Russian: “Stop the bombing campaign in Aleppo”, “to Stop the genocide in Syria” and others. “Medvedev’s visit, which runs in the background sending the aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov” to the shores of Syria, against bombing of schools, civilian institutions is undesirable for those who aspire to peace and democracy in Syria,” – say the organizers of the rally, quoted by NEWSru Israel.

The previous protest was arranged on 25 October near the Russian Embassy in tel Aviv. The demonstration was attended by several dozen people, including members of Knesset from the Arab parties. They demanded that Russia immediately stop the air raids of aircraft on the residential neighborhoods in Aleppo, calling Moscow’s actions in Syria “war crimes” and comparing them to the bombing of Guernica by the troops of Hitler. The protest was held under the slogan: “Say no to genocide in Syria!”

Earlier, on 10 November, Medvedev visited in Jerusalem the Western Wall – the main Shrine of the Jews and a place of pilgrimage, accompanied by chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar and Rabbi of the Western Wall Shmuel Rabinowitz. Medvedev touched the Wailing Wall – part of ancient walls around the Western side of the Temple mount in the Old city, after surviving the destruction of the Second temple by the Romans in the year 70 of our era, and visited the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

On the morning of the same day, Medvedev met with President Reuven Rivlin. As he wrote NEWSru Israel, during the meeting, Rivlin said that “Russia has always played an important role in what is happening in the middle East and now this role is particularly important.” “Your visit gives us the opportunity to discuss radical for both countries the questions on the background of 25 years of friendly relations between Israel and Russia”, – he added.

Medvedev also met with the leader of the parliamentary opposition Yitzhak Herzog and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Following talks with Netanyahu, Medvedev said that Russia is interested in enhancing cooperation with Israel in the field of innovation and agriculture: “We are interested not just in the increase in trade that we have recently podnyalsya, we are interested that our relations have acquired a qualitatively different nature. We would like this cooperation, including through the documents we signed.”

“Persona non grata” in Israel, a protest was held due to the official visit of Dmitry Medvedev 10.11.2016

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