The Russian side continues to identify two men allegedly caught up in Syria at the hands of militants of the “Islamic state”, and the circumstances of their possible capture. This was stated to journalists on Thursday, 5 October, press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov. Earlier it was reported that we are talking about the Russians Roman Zabolotnyy and Gregory Turcanu.

“The possible circumstances of their capture, the confirmation of their personalities is what our relevant departments” (quoted by RIA “Novosti”), – Peskov said, answering the question of whether the Kremlin plans for the rescued prisoners. On the eve Peskov said that the Kremlin will verify the information that the two men detained IG* are the Russians. If this is confirmed, they will be shown concern, assured him.

On Tuesday it became known that on the website associated with the IG of the Agency Amaq was published a video in which two men spoke in Russian about his plenenie militants. So, one of the prisoners said that he is a native of the village of Dawn of Salsky district of Rostov region Roman Zabolotnyi was born in 1979. According to the man, he was captured during the offensive of ISIS*.

The press reported that the city has identified – he is a member of the Cossack movement. On the eve of an unnamed friend of the Roman Zabolotnogo also recognized him on the video and told RBCthat he went to Syria in the so-called private military companies (PMCs) Wagner (Lieutenant Colonel in reserve Dmitry Utkin Callsign Wagner), which, according to the media, participating in combat operations in the country.

“Last time we talked just before his departure to Syria. He came from Rostov-on-don on the base of the “PMC Wagner” Molkino July 3, my birthday. From there called me and suggested to celebrate. I arrived, and when he told me that he was going out to go to Syria,” said a friend of the city. According to him, Roman said that receives 300 thousand rubles a month, which happy because “because you want more money and fast, and he’s a chef – a lot of this kind of work, not earn”. As noted by the other to Syria Zabolotny through “PMC Wagner” went to Donbass.

In the video Zabolotny introduced his comrade in misfortune as a native of Domodedovsky area of Moscow suburbs Gregory Surganova (according to others – Turcanu) in 1978. The family Turcanu said that identified him as his cousin – former trooper Gregory Turcanu, who fought in Syria in the “PMC Wagner.”

On Wednesday, radio Liberty reported that relatives Turcanu employees of the Federal security service (FSB) allegedly in a phone conversation asked “not to fuss”. Unknown callers are assured that their son will be freed.

Meanwhile, the defense Ministry denied the capture of two Russian soldiers by militants*. In turn, the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said that the foreign Ministry together with its partners, is taking steps to establish citizenship captured in Syria. According to her, the foreign Ministry together with other agencies and foreign counterparts in the region is working to establish the nationality of the prisoners, their possible location, identify the reasons of their presence in Syria and the circumstances of their captivity.

About “PMC Wagner” has been reported in media. It was reported that the head of the group Lieutenant Colonel Dmitry Utkin, who until 2013 was the commander of the 700-th separate brigade of special purpose of the 2nd separate brigade of special troops of the Main Directorate of the General staff of the Russian Armed forces. Also, the media found out that the camp of soldiers “PMC Wagner” is located in the village of Molkino in Krasnodar territory. It was noted that GRU secretly oversees “a group of Wagner”, and base military Finance office. In August, the “Fontanka” reported that the soldiers “PMC Wagner” started to have problems with payroll.

*Islamic state (ISIS, ISIL, DAISH) is a terrorist group banned in Russia.

Personality captured in Syria the Russians have not yet installed, said Sands 05.10.2017

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