In Peru, local shamans decided to predict the outcome of the US presidential elections, the passing in the United States on 8 November. To do this, the wizards held a ritual with the use of portraits of the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and her chief rival, billionaire Republican Donald trump. However, the results of the ritual were vague as the results of various studies of public opinion ahead of the elections.

Committing to a ritual group of shamans have gathered on the eve on the coast in the district of Chorrillos in the Peruvian capital Lima, reports Spanish news Agency EFE. The portraits of Clinton and trump wizards put on the sand. With a seers brought flowers, herbs and spices, notes Newshub.

Shaman Juan OSKO had consulted the stars and made contact with the spirits of the two major candidates for President of the United States, reports Fox News Latino. After contacting the spirit world, the sorcerer said that Clinton out of the presidential race winner.

According to OSKO, a ceremony on the coast of Lima “is a mystical ritual under the Moon, which favors the victory of Hillary, and her karma gets support.” The shaman said that on the side of the candidate of the democratic party is “the favorable planet” because policy is based on “confidence” and “awareness”.

As explained by OSKO, by using some of the rituals that the sorcerers were able to see that there should be elected Clinton. “So the United States will be the world and all will go well with immigrants, Hispanics, noted Latin American shaman. – The whole world favor her election and waiting for it.”

However, the healer Marino De Los Santos presented the opposite point of view. In his opinion, will win the trump because of his “spiritual power”. “It is necessary that the President was this man, because he suffered a lot and fell, and now he is again on the rise. We gave him spiritual power that will give him the strength, the power,” explained the healer.

According to De Los Santos, of a skull, which he uses in his rituals, showed him that “the trump will be the new President.” Clinton, according to the sorcerer, “lacking”.

In Russia the ability to predict the results of elections of the President of the United States had the animals. In the Krasnoyarsk zoo “Roev Ruchey” of the Amur tiger and polar bear were given the right to Express their opinion. To do this, the employees took the pumpkins, cut them portraits of Clinton and the tramp, filled with vegetables, meat and fish and put in a cage for “predictors”. As a result, the tigress Juno gave a clear preference for Clinton, and the bear Felix preferred the candidacy of trump.

Peruvian shamans had ritual with portraits of Clinton and trump to predict the outcome of the election in the United States 08.11.2016

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