Symmetrical reductions of nuclear arsenals of Russia and the U.S. “unacceptable,” said the press Secretary of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin Dmitry Peskov in interview to”Vesti on Saturday”. He explained this by the different configuration of the nuclear forces of countries.

The interviewer Sergey Brilev asked about any steps in this sphere Russia can speak to US, because “you can still trim and still the world will destroy.” Peskov said: “Nuclear disarmament is a conceptual umbrella concept, but it consists of a huge number of nuances about which you spoke. It may not be disproportionate. The composition of the nuclear component in the United States and in our country is different. And therefore, some symmetric cuts are absolutely unacceptable and inappropriate. They can lead to a breach that is fundamental, is nuclear parity, nuclear deterrence. And President Putin has repeatedly spoken about it”.

The press Secretary also reiterated that the Russian leadership finds it impossible to link the issue of reducing and lifting of sanctions announced against Russia by the West: “to Link the issue of sanctions and the issue of nuclear reductions are unlikely in the future will be possible with the expert point of view. Our President has repeatedly said that the issue of sanctions is beyond the scope of our agenda. Russia was not the initiator of this question. And she will not, according to Putin, the initiator of the abolition of some restrictions”.

“Russia – and Putin also talked about this many times – was and remains a supporter of nuclear arms reduction. But fair, proportionate, and without violation of this balance,” – summed up the representative of the Kremlin.

About the possibility to reduce the nuclear arsenals of Russia and the USA the day before leaving the White house said President Barack Obama. He said that with it Moscow did not want to negotiate, but perhaps the new administration will be more.

Peskov said about the impossibility of symmetrical reductions of nuclear arsenals of Russia and the United States 21.01.2017

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