In St. Petersburg police detained a man suspected of trying to kill industrial climber during operation. The attacker was also annoyed by the rope dangling outside his window. To regain the usual view from the window, from St. Petersburg cut the rope hanging on her man.

The incident, which almost ended in tragedy occurred on Monday. And on Friday the police on the official website of the St. Petersburg Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs reported about detention of the hooligan.

The Department explained that on 21 November, “the 34-year-old unemployed citizen” was in his apartment located on the fifth floor of the house N10 on the Kazanskaya street in Central district. Around 14:00 the tenant of the house “from hooligan promptings from the window with a knife cut in the power cable”. At that moment the rope was secured equipment for industrial mountaineering, which was 36-the summer employee.

The resident of the house acted consciously, experiencing personal dislike of industrial climbers. The man did not like that in front of his window hanging rope, writes Metro.

According to the newspaper, the first attacker “warned” industrial climbers, so they stopped work on the painting of the facade. For more convincing the tenant climbed on the roof and covered the two workmen swearing. He also threatened them with violence and called the police.

Law enforcement officers checked the documents, found no violations on the part of climbers and left.

Workers began the descent along the facade of the building. The rope was tied to a concrete ventilation shaft. Going down to the meter, one of the climbers felt his rope ranges.

When the man came down for another meter, the cable snapped. As it turned out, the attacker was cut two ropes, but the climbers saved from falling off a safety mechanism. The man came to the companion who pulled him to the roof.

After that one of the climbers took off on the roof a short video in which he told about the incident and showed the cut end of the rope. Video available on the Internet.

“Man from the fifth floor of the 19-th apartment, and cut our rope. Wanted to kill,” says the voice-over.

After the inspection, the police opened a criminal case under part 3 of article 30, part 1 of article 105 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“Attempt at murder”). The suspect elected a measure of restraint in the form of recognizance not to leave.

“War” with the climbers

Over the last couple of years, Russia has recorded several cases where residents, armed with knives, cut the rope, industrial climbers. Just this month, the press wrote that came into effect the sentencehanded down 50-the summer inhabitant of Moscow Lyudmila Fadeeva.

As follows from the criminal case, 31 Jan 2016 Lyudmila Fadeeva was at the place of residence in an apartment house in the village Novodrozhzhino Leninsky district. At the same time, industrial climber “has produced works for the improvement of the facade of the building.”

“The woman felt that because of the actions of the workers stopped showing her TV”, – noted in Prosecutor’s office. To resolve the obstacle, the TV viewer went to the balcony of his apartment located on the eighth floor, and a kitchen knife to cut the rope holding the climber.

“As a result, the worker fell down, but his fall has not ended with tragedy, both at the level of the first floor triggered a safety rope”, – told in Prosecutor’s office.

Fadeev was sentenced to 3.5 years in a General regime colony.

In the summer of 2015 in Ufa, was sentenced a 34-year-old Arthur Shaimardanova that did the same wickedly, as the TV viewer Fadeeva.

March 16, 2015 a team of industrial climbers were renovating the facade of a multistory building N7 on the street Aksakov, where he lived Shaimardanov. Seeing the facing workers, the drunk man demanded that they stopped work and did not disturb him rest.

“After a verbal altercation with one of the male climbers went up through the attic to the roof and cut the safety cable with a kitchen knife,” – said in the press release of the Prosecutor’s office.

Located on the fifth floor, the victim noticed the attacker and had to go down to the third floor, which fell to the ground. The victim was still alive, but his health was harmed by the average weight. About two weeks industrial climber was in the hospital.

The prosecutors said that “vindictive tenant” Arthur Shaimardanov already been convicted of attempted sale of drugs. Perhaps, this fact of his biography and the unwillingness of the defendant to admit guilt became aggravated to the court. The attacker was charged with part 3 of article 30, part 1 of article 105 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“Attempt at murder”). Shaimardanov will spend six years in a colony of special regime.

In the same March 2015, a similar massacre of the climber happened in the Leningrad region. There is a criminal case filed against 68-year-old resident of Vyborg.

According to investigators, 27 Feb 2015 pensioner Elizabeth M., being at the place of residence in the 105th apartment home N9 on Stone street in Vyborg, cut with a knife climbing rope that was in front of her window. The rope was hanging a 32-year-old neighbor Elizabeth Mikhailovna, the climber Andrey Sobolev. The man collapsed on the pavement from height of the eighth floor, after which he was sent with multiple fractures in the intensive care unit.

As it turned out, the victim of the aggressive actions of the pensioner Andrey Sobolev lived in the 137-th apartment of the same apartment buildings, and 101 apartment of the same house lived his passion – 30-year-old Olga. The pair raised the overall three year old child, but at the same time civil, the couple lived in different apartments.

The day of the tragedy Andrei in a fit of jealousy decided to see if they came to Olga any boyfriend. For this, he did not use the stairs, and went down on climbing equipment up to the eighth floor of the house and hanging outside the wall, began to talk through the window with the civil wife. “Romance” trick of the jealous man is not like the neighbour-the pensioner who butted into the conversation pair with a bold statement: “now I’ll cut the rope!”

“Yes-cut the net!” replied Othello, after which Elizabeth M. made good on his threat.

Petersburger, cut the rope, industrial climber, is accused of attempted murder 26.11.2016

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