Investigators in St. Petersburg opened a criminal case against a local resident, who is suspected of killing a juvenile bully. The teenager was stabbed to death after jumped on the roofs of parked cars.

In respect of the alleged murderer remanded in the form of subscriptions on parole and good behavior, according to the official website of IC RF IC Petersburg. The detectives did not request the arrest, because “the consequence has the sufficient data about the Commission of unlawful acts by the victim against the suspect”. Investigators believe the original integrity of the suspect, who “positively characterized places of work and residence, and has not been previously convicted”.

The crime was committed on the night of 17 October, when tenants N80 on the Boulevard Innovators was awakened by the howl of car alarms. They worked from jumping two young men on the roofs and hoods of cars. One of the thugs tried to escape. Hiding behind the corner of the house, he soon returned, crying and holding his stomach, writes “Fontanka”. The young man received a stab wound that proved fatal.

It later emerged that the victim – 17-year-old first-year student of the railway College. Few weeks, investigators were able to establish the identity of the alleged killer. They found 48-year-old man.

Initially, a criminal case was opened under article 105 of the criminal code (“Murder”). But then the charges were changed to article 108 (“the Murder committed by exceeding the limits of necessary defense”) of the criminal code. Now the vigilante hulgan instead of 15 years faces two years in prison.

Petersburger stabbed jump in the car of a teenager, released under recognizance not to leave 26.11.2016

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