The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, according to the published Declaration, has not only more than a hundred commercial companies, land plots, apartments and cars, but also a collection of art objects.

Poroshenko has declared 65 paintings of the XIX and XX centuries, 15 paintings of the “old masters” and the four paintings of the expressionists, as well as six sculptures, a Grand piano, chandeliers and three fireplaces set, women’s bags, English and Belgian furniture and other art objects.

As noted Korrespondent.netPoroshenko made an electronic Declaration in the unified state register two hours before the end of the allotted time. In the ownership of Poroshenko – a house worth 30 million, six land plots, three apartments and non-residential premises. Together with his wife he owns another apartment, the President’s wife also recorded a country house and another plot. Another four houses and four plots of land declared by Poroshenko children.

Saakashvili declared 7.4 thousand square meters of real estate in Georgia and service a room in Odessa

Salary Poroshenko as President in 2015 amounted to 121 054 UAH. The President also received a 12 million percent. 47 million he earned on exchange. Also the Declaration States 26.3 million to $ 14.4 thousand euros and 540 thousand hryvnias in the “International investment Bank”. The head of state feature 104 of the company and the Fund.

On his page on Facebook Poroshenko hastened to remind you that your status earned before the election of the President. “All the valuable movable and immovable property: housing, land, cars, paintings, jewelry was purchased (not leased), to the presidency. Moreover, most of the property was acquired at a time when I wasn’t in public service,” he writes.

“About companies: they are all created in a time when I was in business. In 2014, was created only one new company, which I own directly to the sale of Roshen. I basically keep money in banks – $ 27 million, every cent of which paid taxes to the budget of Ukraine. All this is reflected in my Declaration for 2015. Although there are some cash: 800 thousand hryvnias and 60 thousand dollars. I believe that politicians should lead by example and trust in the banking system,” – said Poroshenko.

According to media reports, the rock apparently flew into the garden of the Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman, who keeps cash 2 million 280 thousand hryvnias, 870 thousand and $ 460 thousand euros, and also people’s deputies, Bogdan and Yaroslav Dubravica that hold cash more than 578 million.

The record in this regard was the former commander of the battalion “Aydar” people’s Deputy Sergei Melnychuk, who declared 1 trillion hryvnias in cash (38 billion dollars). However, “the Ukrainian truth” believes that astronomical amount may be a joke, as presented to Saint Nicholas watch Deputy Vladimir Parasyuk.

“For me, the purpose of the electronic Declaration not only show who owns what, and to demonstrate the cost-to the declared income. Over the last ten years in my declarations declared incomes of over 820 million UAH (according to different ratio of hryvnia to the dollar for the entire time). Also for charity and support of the army in the years 2014-2016 me and the companies where I perform the ultimate beneficiary lists about 400 million hryvnia,” – said Poroshenko.

According to TASS, Poroshenko stated that he owns shares of various companies, including Prime Asset Partners, which appeared in the offshore scandal because of the case of the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca in the spring of this year. As a result of leakage of documents it became known that in August 2014, the firm filed a registration Department British virgin Islands (BVI) an application for registration of the company’s Prime Asset Partners Ltd. The fact that the President of Ukraine has become a beneficiary, it was clear from the appended copies of your passport.

“In these Mossack Fonseca makes clear that Prime Asset Partners assigned the role of holding company for the Ukrainian and Cypriot structures of the confectionery Corporation Roshen, and source of funds must serve income from commercial activities”, – said the authors of the report from the Center for the study of corruption and organized crime.

The report specified that Kiev company’s financial management in ICU, advising Poroshenko, announced the establishment of two structures: CEE Confectionery Investments Ltd. (registered in Cyprus in September 2014) and Roshen Europe B. V. (registered in the Netherlands in December 2014). While the holding company with the BVI owns the Cyprus company, which, in turn, owned by a Dutch company.

Petro Poroshenko has declared 100 companies, 80 paintings and three handbags 31.10.2016

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