The fourth-year student of the Engineering Academy of the Russian University of friendship of peoples (RUDN) Ephraim Sarmanova threatened to be expelled from the University for participating in an unsanctioned anti-corruption rally on March 26 in Moscow, reports the website “Open Russia” with reference to the student.

Marmazov said that morning at 10:30 he was summoned by the commandant of the hostel of the PFUR N14 in which he resides, and had a conversation with two strangers. The conversation led not introduced himself by the name “ASAC”.

The student reported that the rector of the OVD “Lefortovo” came some paper, and asked to write an explanation about what happened more than two months ago the events under threat of expulsion.

The “Department head” referred to the article of the University Statute on “unlawful acts related to gross violation of the rules of conduct of students at the University and causing significant harm to the reputation of the University.”

Take a picture of the rector Samersova not given, promising to afford to do it when he would write a letter of explanation. This document is needed by the expulsion Commission, which plans to raise University administration for consideration of the case Shamratova.

Student took to the meeting a recorder and recorded the conversation, this entry was posted on the website “Open Russia”.

Employees of PFUR in conversation complained that because the protesters need to organize the courts to spend their time and money, and “it would be better you stick, so it would be easier.” In the reasons they encouraged him to write that he “believed the crow and he was busted”.

During the conversation with the student staff of PFUR noted that the head of the Fund of struggle against corruption Alexei Navalny, a graduate of this University, now “draws crowds”. Recall that from 1993 to 1998, Navalny studied at the law faculty of PFUR.

Samratov suggested that the paper from OVD “Lefortovo” is a convenient excuse to “solve it” and ruin his life. “I recently threatened to sue the University. But it was not associated with the rally and politics and this is about my investigation of cartel agreements in the people’s friendship University on health insurance. I have supporting documents that I am now preparing for publication,” – said Saratov and noted that he had not decided whether to write an explanatory note.

After the anti-corruption rallies on 26 March, the media began to publish reports of politicized educational talks at universities and secondary schools, the purpose of which was to prevent the participation of young people in further protests.

For example, in St. Petersburg, assistant Professor of information security state electrotechnical University “LETI” Renat Khaliullin during pair programming for first-year students condemned the participation of students in anti-corruption rallies, “we won’t Dimon”, and in Tomsk University lecturer tried to explain to the students that liberals are quoted on a par with the Nazis.

In Orenburg student of the OGPU, the leader of the youth movement “Spring”, whose members handed out flyers on the streets in the form of banknotes, telling about the investigation of the FBC, was summoned to the rector for the conversation.

The most powerful counter-propaganda deployed in the Samara region, where the local Ministry of education recommended that teachers discourage students from participating in the June 12 rally and tell the teenagers about the dangers Bulk. Previously Samara students were shown the propaganda film “no to Extremism!”.

In March of Krasnoyarsk Trade and economic Institute of Siberian
Federal University was dismissed teacher of philosophy and
cultural studies Michael Konstantinov after he showed students
a film-investigation of the Fund of struggle against corruption “you do not

The film, which is about the mansions, yachts, vineyards, and other secret assets, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev became the reason for many protests.

PFUR student threatened with expulsion for participating in the anti-corruption rally on March 26 06.06.2017

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