The President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte made another controversial statement, forcing to speak about itself all the world’s news agencies. This time, speaking at a press conference on 30 September in his hometown of Davao, the head of the Republic, born in 1945, responded to the words of critics, calling him “a cousin of Hitler”, a phrase which mentioned the destruction of the Jews in the death camps, created on the initiative of the head of the Third Reich.

“Hitler killed three million Jews. The Philippines has three million drug addicts. I would be happy to kill them. If Germany was Hitler, the Philippines is…” – here Duterte made a dramatic pause and with a gesture pointed to himself, follows from the YouTube video of the speech of the President of the Philippines.

Among the world’s media, who wrote about this statement Duterte, was the newspaper The Guardian, which caught the President of the Philippines in the distortion of the facts of military history. Talking about the performance of Duterte, journalists of the British newspaper noted that, according to historians, the Nazis and their allies before and during the Second World war destroyed more than six million Jews.

Duterte known for outrageous statements and using strong language in their political speeches. He was called “son of a bitch” the Pope (then apologized), U.S. Ambassador and later us President Barack Obama, promising that “how to pour”. After, in an attempt to disown his words about Obama, he casually called “fool” the UN Secretary-General ban Ki-moon.

As for the drug problem, spoke of Duterte, remembering Hitler, there were no sensational statements. Duterte became the 16th President of the Philippines, won the election in may of this year, making a programme for the fight against drugs. Then he announced the beginning of “the Philippine war” and vowed to kill tens of thousands of criminals involved in the distribution of a controlled substance.

Duterte also said that the Philippines can withdraw from the United Nations in response to criticism of methods of fight against drug traffickers. UN experts on human rights condemned the methods of the Filipino police, who are increasingly using firearms during the arrest of drug dealers, killing many of them.

According to the UN, since joining Duterte as President of the Philippines June 30, 2016 in the country has killed about 1,000 people involved in the drug trade. In many cases, according to UN experts, the suspects were killed during the arrest.

Philippine President compares himself with Hitler and the massacre of addicts – the Holocaust 30.09.2016

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