The Ministry of defense of the Philippines against the backdrop of deteriorating relations with the United States said that the Philippine armed forces will be able to do without American military aid. According to the head of the Ministry of Delfina Lorenzani if military-technical cooperation with the United States will be collapsed, the Philippines will be able to obtain weapons from other countries, reports Reuters.

For example, the replacement of the US to Philippine military may be China and Russia. According to Lorenzana, the country’s President Rodrigo Duterte talked about the possible reduction of military-technical cooperation with Washington, and negative reactions to these statements in the military there.

Aid from the United States “not so great”, said the Minister of defense of the Philippines. “We can ask Congress to allocate an additional $ 50-100 million to compensate for the lack of American assistance. We will be able to live without it,” said Lorenzana. The U.S. state Department spokesman John Kirby, in turn, said that the total amount of US aid pledged for the fiscal year that began October 1, is $ 180 million and Washington fully intends to provide the Philippines.

According to Lorenzana territorial dispute with China in the South China sea will not interfere with defence procurement. He also stressed that no military agreements with China have not yet discussed: “Everything we now think that the purchase of military equipment. About any military Alliance, not a speech. Just the usual deal.”

The head of the defense Ministry of the country believes that the purpose of Duterte is to diversify the foreign relations of the Philippines and the reduction of dependence on the United States. “The President is trying to foster a relationship with the United States to not be too dependent on one country,” he explained. The same line is shared by the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Philippines.

Earlier Duterte again caused a diplomatic controversy, declaring that the joint Philippine-us military exercises will stop, and the protective agreement will be revised. In addition, the state may, through an indefinite time to break off any relations with the United States, said Duterte 4 October, sending the US President Barack Obama “to hell” (“go to hell”), quoted by the Philippine leader to The Shanghaiist.

“Respect is very important, – said Duterte. – If what is happening now, this is it, then I will rebuild its foreign policy. In the end, I could at some point break up with America.”

On arms sales, he said: “If you (USA. – Approx. don’t want to sell a gun, I will go to Russia. I sent generals to Russia, and Russia said, “don’t worry, we have everything you need, we’ll give it to you.” As for China, they said, “you just Need to come and sign, and all will be delivered”.

We will remind that before the summit of G20 in China Duterte called U.S. President Barack Obama
“son of a bitch”. Later apologizing for these words, Filipino leader swore the UN Secretary-General ban Ki-moon for his stance against extrajudicial executions of drug traffickers, calling it
“fool”. Later, he used bad language “sent”to the European Union.

12 Sep Rodrigo Duterte
called for the withdrawal of United States troops located at the military base of one of the Islands to the South of the state.

Philippines threatened the United States to terminate cooperation and purchase weapons from Russia and China 07.10.2016

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