Israeli photographer Dmitriy Brickman presented their new project “the Tao Te Ching. The photo input support”, on fundamental doctrine and one of the great monuments of Chinese thought, created by Lao Tzu.

As told brikman, its photo input support is an ambiguous translation of the text in the language of photographic images. “Of course, it is not a substitute for the text. It helps to read the text that words cannot Express. Does not illustrate it, and gives the opportunity to see what is left hidden between the letters,” writes the photographer on his website.

He offers everyone to decide for themselves in what order to watch and listen to the head of the Tao Te Ching is to open them individually, or take in the visuals of the text of Lao Tzu from the first to the last Chapter.

The meaning of Tao, regarded as the natural order of things, not allowing outside interference, brings to the listener Boris Grebenshikov.

“There are books bad. They have only one layer. There is a good book. They have several layers. There are books talented. They have many layers. And there the book is brilliant. They layers not. These books are very similar to the ocean where everyone can find something of their own. Most importantly, do not deny yourself the desire, which you inevitably will arise – again and again to return to a particular Chapter or thought. This text is both possible and necessary to return many times”, – says Dmitry brikman.

“If you are for the first time she met this great book, you will inevitably stumble on the first sentence of the first Chapter: “the Tao that can be expressed in words, is not the constant Tao… do Not worry, do not suffer an inferiority complex and boldly swim next to you hundreds of thousands of people stumbled on it and was looking for a verbal definition of this term. Searched, but not found. “Path”, “Road”, “what leads”, “leads to all things”, “things happen”, “God’s plan”, “the laws of the universe”… the List is endless. Take for a start the basis of any of these terms and continue your way through this amazing book – at some point you probably will be his understanding of the word, not necessarily expressed in words.”

Photographer Dmitry brikman presented its new project – a photo input support great books, Tao Te Ching performed by Boris Grebenshikov 01.12.2016

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