When a young British artist Chris Ofili in 1996 he presented the painting “the Holy virgin Mary” created using elephant dung, it caused a huge scandal in new York and in the end it was seen as a new word in art. However, as it turned out, in 1938 Pablo Picasso used excrement to create his masterpieces.

A little family secret to the world public opened Diane Widmaier-Picasso. She told the authors of the book “100 mysteries of the world of art” that the artist used poop, her mother, Maya, which gave birth to the Picasso of his Muse Marie-Therese Walter.

“According to him, the excreta of three girls, whom she nursed, had a unique texture and color,” – said the granddaughter of the genius of Thomas Hirsto and Magnus Decides that introduced the world to the secrets of the famous artists, architects and other representatives of art. The unusual material was used to create the still life with Apple.

“Disgust, which can cause the material turns to amazement when we attain the author’s intention,” – noted art historians.

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Picasso used the poop to his daughter as paint, found art historians 01.11.2016

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