Channel WGN America has ordered a pilot drama series based on the novel by the Strugatsky brothers “roadside picnic”. It will be launched in the air as the promotion for the show series, which relieves Alan Taylor, the Director who worked on the film “Terminator: Genesis” and some episodes of “Game of thrones”. The script was written by the author of “Superiority” Jack Paglen.

Deadline, talking about a forthcoming pilot, notes that the series will be an adaptation of one of the most famous works of Soviet/Russian fiction. Novel by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky in the interpretation of the American edition says about the study of dangerous and amazing mysteries left by the aliens.

“Roadside picnic” published in 1972. Roman is the leader among all of the works of authors by number of translations into foreign languages and publications outside the former USSR. The protagonist of the book – Stalker, who, violating prohibitions, enters the Zone and passes it to sell various artifacts.

In 1979, the work of the Strugatsky brothers filmed directed by Andrei Tarkovsky – his film “Stalker” won the prize of the Ecumenical jury at the Cannes film festival.

In 2000, the company Colambia Рictures announced a big-budget adaptation of the novel titled “After visiting”, the Director was supposed to be James Wong, and one of the main roles designated to John Travolta. Subsequently the project was abandoned.

Also in the book created a series of computer games.

Pilot series “Picnic on the roadside” will be aired on channel WGN America 09.03.2016

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