Fire-fighting aircraft be-200CHS MCHS Rossii on Friday, 25 November, arrived in Israel to help in extinguishing forest fires. Already defined tasks and areas of fire suppression for the Russian amphibians, reports the press service of the Ministry. In the next few hours, the aviation of EMERCOM of Russia will start to work in the Haifa area, the report said.

As transfers NEWSru Israel, the planes of the emergency situations Ministry flew in the night of Anapa and in the morning arrived at the airbase in Hatzor tel Aviv. It is noted that the aviation group of MES were sent to Israel on behalf of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin in accordance with the request of the Israeli side.

The aircraft be-200ES will be part of an international group providing aid to Israel to combat forest fires. Before the emergency workers tasked to protect human settlements and cultural heritage sites from fire.

Amphibious aircraft be-200ES is recognized as one of the most efficient in the world in the fight against wildfires. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that he is planing on open water fills their tanks with 12 tons of water and scatter drops them to the large fire. In addition, for monitoring and detecting wildfires aircraft be-200ES equipped with thermal imaging, noted in the Russian office.

In December 2010, the aviation of EMERCOM of Russia helped Israel in fighting the fires. Then the aircraft of the emergencies Ministry worked near Haifa, and they were able to eliminate large pockets of natural fires.

Israel in fighting the fires help Greece, Croatia, Turkey and Cyprus

In fighting the fire in Israel is also involved Greek, Croatian, Turkish, and Cypriot aircraft fire. Ukraine sent two Antonov An-32, informs NEWSru Israel. It is expected the arrival of aircraft fire from Azerbaijan and Egypt. In the evening the region will fly the American Evergreen 747 Supertanker is the only fire fighting aircraft, capable of operating at night.

Powerful forest fires this week are raging in several areas of Israel. The main impact of the fire disaster occurred in the neighborhoods of Haifa, Hadera, and Zichron Yaakov in the North, and the foothills of Jerusalem and around the city of modi’in to the East of tel Aviv. The fire damaged several other areas of the Jewish state, including a number of settlements on the West Bank of the Jordan river.

According to Israeli media, the total area of fires was about 900 acres, the fire damaged dozens of houses. Reports of casualties have been reported, several dozen people sought medical help due to burns and carbon monoxide poisoning.

As reported, about 60 thousand inhabitants of Haifa on Thursday were evacuated from their homes because of the fires around the city. The newspaper Haaretz reported that on Friday to all residents of Haifa were allowed to return home.

Detained 12 suspected arson

The Israeli security services arrested 12 suspects of involvement in the arson, which caused part of the forest fires that are raging since Tuesday in the territory of the Jewish state. TASS on Friday by telephone said the official representative of the Israel police’s Michael Zingerman. “The investigation is ongoing, so far no details can not tell”, – he said. Zingerman added that a special investigation team, which deals with these issues.

The situation with fires in Israel as of mid-day Friday “relatively calm,” said Zingerman. However, he said, “in Haifa because of the wind there are some places, where occasional fire”.

As reports The Jerusalem Post, several new fires broke out on Friday over Israel. So, a new fire arose in the North and in the Central part of the country. The fire was reported in the area of Shaar ha-Gai, East of tel Aviv, was burning forest near Kiryat gat, in southern Israel to the East of the city of Ashkelon. Also last night in the village of Beit Meir was on fire, was carried out the evacuation of people.

Haaretz notes that weather conditions on Friday in Israel remains extremely unfavorable to extinguish the fire. According to the publication, strong easterly wind will blow all Friday and weakened at night. In Israel since the beginning of the week was established to extremely dry and windy weather contributed to the rapid spread of fire in the Central and Northern parts of the country. In three days, according to the police, in Israel, there were more than 200 fires.

ATOR: tourists because of the fires to evacuate will not be

Despite the serious situation with the fires, the authorities are not going to evacuate tourists, on vacation in Israel. About it reports the Association of tour operators of Russia (ATOR) with reference to the Ministry of tourism of Israel.

“The Ministry of tourism of Israel is closely monitoring the situation. Fires occur mainly in the Northern part of the country. The need for evacuation of tourists in connection with the fires not,” – stated in the message.

If the situation changes for the worse, tourists will provide transportation and alternative accommodation in safe areas of the country, the document says.

Planes EMERCOM of Russia to help extinguish forest fires in Israel 25.11.2016

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