Famous Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio said that he would like to play the leader of world proletariat of Vladimir Lenin, informs a portal Planet Today with a link to an interview he allegedly gave. According to the publication, the actor spoke about his grandmother Elena Smirnova, born in Perm. He said that he loves Russia and would like to obtain Russian citizenship, writes Planet Today. DiCaprio also said that he plans to play the role of Lenin. Other details about this interview, as well as data about when and where it was given, not reported.

Note that in 2010, DiCaprio in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda” stated that they would like to play another political leader – Joseph Stalin. “I don’t know whether I’ll be able someday to play Stalin. Will see if I actually like this scenario. I can only repeat that to play such a person I would be awfully interesting,” said the actor. In the interview, he also admitted that he knew about his resemblance with a young Lenin, but lamented the lack of a script about the life of the leader of world proletariat. The actor also noted that he is ready himself to think about producing such a film.

As previously reported, Leonardo DiCaprio Russian roots. The actor’s mother was born in the family of a German by Wilhelm Indenbirken and Russian emigrant Helena, Indenbirken (1915-2008), nee Helen stepanivny Smirnova. After the October revolution her family emigrated to Germany, and in 1955, the William and Helena moved to the United States.

We will remind, in November 2010 took place the meeting of Vladimir Putin and Leonardo DiCaprio during the Tiger forum in St. Petersburg. In particular, they discussed Russian roots of the actor. Then Putin asked the actor, whether he speaks Russian. “No, but if there was my grandmother, she would have to speak to you in Russian,” said DiCaprio. “I always wanted to bring my grandmother to St. Petersburg, but unfortunately these plans were not implemented, as it was two years ago died”, – told the actor. He also added that Russian was his grandfather. “So I’m not a quarter and half Russian,” concluded Di Caprio.

As to the citizenship of the Russian Federation, which, according to Today Planet, is going to qualify DiCaprio, it is worth Recalling that it has already received another well – known actor Gerard Depardieu. Recently the citizen of Russia became not less famous American boxer Roy Jones Jr.

Recently, the star of movies “Titanic”, “the Great Gatsby”, “the Aviator” Leonardo DiCaprio was nominated for “Golden globe” in the category “best actor” for his work in the film Alejandro gonzález Inarritu “Survivors”.

Recently, the media started saying that, according to seen a picture before the premiere, the character DiCaprio is an American conqueror of new lands of Hugh glass – allegedly twice raped the bear. However, the rumors were immediately denied by the film company 20th Century Fox, which indicated that the film on DiCaprio attacked by a bear, therefore, nothing of the sort is out of the question. Critics tipped the actor “Oscar” for his role in this film.

Planet Today: Leonardo DiCaprio has stated that he wants to do next and get Russian citizenship 16.12.2015

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