The President of the Union of European football associations (UEFA) Michel Platini confirmed that a written contract, by which he in 2011 he received two million Swiss francs from the President of the International football Federation (FIFA) Joseph Blatter, was not.

“It was an agreement between two people. As far as I know, according to Swiss law, a verbal agreement is considered as written”, – quotes “R-Sport” statement by Platini, made in an interview with Le Monde.

Swiss Federal office of justice (FOJ) on September 25 opened a case against Blatter, who is suspected of being illegally transferred two million Swiss francs Platini in 2011.

Money allegedly was transferred Platini for the execution of works in the period from January 1999 to June 2002. The Frenchman also stated that this payment was made under a contract in full accordance with the law. In early October, the FIFA Committee for ethics dismissed Blatter, the Secretary General of the organization Jerome Walke and Platini for 90 days from any activityrelated to football.

According to the Frenchman, he agreed to work with FIFA for a salary of one million francs a year.

“For several months I worked on FIFA without pay and asked if there was a problem. And Blatter said that “can’t pay one million francs, because FIFA Secretary General receives 300 thousand.” “Your salary can’t exceed it three times. And we can give you a contract for 300 thousand francs, and we’ll settle accounts later. But “later” never came,” said Platini.

“I asked then to see if Blatter owe me that much. He confirmed it. I didn’t remember that I was paid 300 thousand, I thought $ 500 thousand, so applied for two million francs for four years. After 10 days I received the specified amount and paying taxes,” said Platini.

Earlier, UEFA General Secretary Gianni Infantino said that Platini wants to explain about the deal with FIFA in the amount of two million francs, but can’t do it because of the ban on the dissemination of confidential information.

Platini had received the money from FIFA a verbal agreement with Blatter 19.10.2015

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