The match of the National student football League (NFL) between the Ural Federal University of Yekaterinburg and a team of CSU from Grozny on Wednesday was interrupted in the second half due to a mass brawl on the pitch. In the 72nd minute when the score was 1:1 one of the gaming moments escalated into a bloody brawl between the players.

As reports “Cempionatam”the cause of the fight could serve as a verbal conflict. Urfu football player Alexander Tarasov left the field with a bloody face, but the match referee decided to stop the meeting.

Tarasova was taken from the field by ambulance to the hospital, where diagnosed closed cherepno-a brain trauma and nose fracture.

“In addition, from bumps sore belly and back, although the bruises are almost gone. In the end, Sasha remains to be treated in Moscow, four days he will straighten the nose, and we’ll be leaving in Yekaterinburg”, – said the press attache of the team Urfu Paul Carapetyan.

According to him, the extreme defender of the Ural Federal University is rough enough, but not overdoing, met Chechen striker of the team. After the second junction of the forward wound up and when the ball was already on the other side of the field, come to Tarasov’s foot. The defender pushed the opponent, he resorted to his fists. Then on the Ural came two Chechen, and soon ran out all “bench”, and even the goalkeeper.

“I create some kind of hell: people were kicked! Ran out all “bench”, we were not able to separate them! They were not even deterred by the fact that the match was attended by the police,” says Sarapyan.

A video of the whole match and this episode can be viewed

Players from Yekaterinburg, was severely beaten during a match with a team from Grozny (VIDEO) 13.04.2017

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