233 tundra Swan 26 Mallard ducks (wild ducks) were found in Inner Mongolia – Autonomous region in North China. Local police and environmentalists blame for the poisoning of birds whose hunting is prohibited by law, poachers who supply gourmet wild game in Chinese restaurants.

According to the British broadcasting company BBC, mass deaths of birds were discovered last week on the lake Hongtu, which is located on the migration route of swans, and the name of which translates from Mongolian as “Swan lake”. China’s state-owned CCTV said that the dead birds were found October 19, older couples who came to the lake to photograph rare birds.

The investigation of the carcasses were found traces of carbofuran – one of the types of pesticide used in agriculture to protect plants from soil dwelling pests.

However, the same pesticide used by poachers, who put the swans in the local restaurants. They did not stop even the fact that this pesticide can act on the human nervous system, provoke convulsions and respiratory failure.

It’s called the Chinese police suspected that the mass poisoning was the work of their hands. For any information about the crime, the police announced a reward of 100,000 yuan (about 15 thousand dollars).

The representative of the local organization of environmentalists Let Birds Fly Tian Yangyang told Chinese website “Sixth tone”that red swans end up in Chinese restaurants, the menu which contains “Swan feast”, and that most of their visitors think meat birds a healthy food, despite the poison contained therein. For residents of the Inner Mongolia tundra swans are the totem (sacred).

Director of the National center banding birds of China Lu Jun said that every year more than 10,000 species of tundra swans wintering in China and often become prey of poachers. The day before the terrible discovery in the lake Hongtu State forestry administration of China announced a 40-day program to combat networks that are used by poachers throughout China.

As for the pesticide carbofuran, its application can be extremely dangerous to the health of both animals and humans. So, in 2005 in Hong Kong have caught the maniac-butcherthat is due to a pathological hatred of dogs poisoned them with carbofuran.

In 2009, in Kenya it was found that the local shepherds poisoned with carbofuran lions of the national reserve “Maasai Mara”.

In the Czech Republic in 2013, local ornithologists have found a place of mass death of birds of prey, which were under the protection of the law, but also was poisoned by this pesticide.

Preparations on the basis of carbofuran belong to the first class of danger to humans.

Poachers in China poisoned 230 swans in “Swan lake” to take them to restaurants where swans eat, despite the poisoned meat 28.10.2016

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