Publishing house EKSMO Russian promises the reader an acquaintance with the lyrical works of the soloist and the author of the hits of Rammstein till Lindemann. His book “In the quiet night. Lyrics” will be first published in the Russian language.

“In the book “In quiet night” contains poems never previously published. They are duplicated in German and Russian languages. Provocative illustrations of another author – artist Matthias Mattis – the final touch, not to illustrate the poem and adds to the completeness of the collection”, – quotes RIA “news” the message of the publisher.

On the website DEADLINE notes that the poem Lindemann “will hold us in a sensual world, woven of sexuality, masochism, sadism, love addiction and reflection”. In the announcement says that the characters of the poet – “slaves of Eros and Thanatos, those chthonic forces that move humanity from the moment of its appearance”. “In the texts of the Lindemann – the amazing synergy of angst, emotional depth, animal instincts, self-flagellation and euphoria,” reads the description of the collection.

Because the poems contain profanity, the collection marked “18+”.

Till Lindemann, the leader of the cult German metal band formed in 1994. As a poet he became known in 2002, in Germany, when he published his collection “the Knife”. In Russian it is not published.

Poems of the soloist of the Rammstein of the slaves of Eros and Thanatos will publish in the Russian language 11.10.2016

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