Mikhail Gutseriev, the state of the family which is 9.8 billion dollars, has a very profitable hobby – he writes poetry, songs which are performed by Philip Kirkorov, Stas Mikhailov, Valery, Joseph Kobzon, Dima Bilan and Natasha Koroleva, Ani Lorak and other popular singers. And the royalties, which it receives principal owner of the company “RussNeft”, not even dreamed of professional songwriters.

As writes “Kommersant”, for his poetry, as well as videos and soundtracks, where these verses are used, he receives 2 million roubles a year.

Success in this role, the businessman managed to achieve over the last five years, after his return from London links, and he likes to tell you what to do especially not have to. “Just sitting in the restaurant with the singer Alexander Buynova, he read a couple of poems, the violent interested. After a few months came the song “Two lives” – and away we go,” says the newspaper.

Songs on poems by Gutseriev – “don’t be afraid of love” performed by Tatyana Bulanova, “Indivisible” Dima Bilan, “Autumn love” Ani Lorak “Color of Saffron” singer Zheka “I’m tired” Natasha Koroleva – today one of the most rotated on many Russian radio stations. The number of songs is growing exponentially (currently over 100), and the number of diplomas of the winner of festival “song of the year” in 2012 and three in 2013 – eight, and in 2014-m – dozen.

However, it is worth to note that high rotation songs on poems of a businessman talking on radio stations owned by Gutseriyev. He bought the frequencies that were running stations “Vesna FM” and “Vostok FM”. Bought a “Capital FM” Love Radio, “Radio Dacha, Taxi FM”, “govorit Moskva” and “Chanson”. The total audience of its radio stations Gutseriev last year was estimated at 15 million people.

Poet-songwriter Mikhail Gutseriev receives annually 2 million rubles royalties for his poems, as well as videos and soundtracks 28.11.2016

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