Poland sees no reason for the military strengthening of Kaliningrad and considers the decision of Russia on the placement of tactical missile complexes “Iskander” in the Kaliningrad region “inadequate response” to NATO’s actions in the region. This was stated by Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland Witold Waszczykowski at a joint press conference with Minister of foreign Affairs of Belarus Vladimir Makei in Warsaw after a meeting in honor of the 25th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration on good-neighbourliness, mutual understanding and cooperation between Poland and Belarus.

“We believe that Russia’s reaction – the deployment of missiles in Kaliningrad – is a totally inadequate response to what NATO is doing,” quoted Waszczykowski Polish TV channel TVN24.

The head of the Polish foreign Ministry stressed that Poland and the Baltic States do not have aggressive intentions towards Russia. “Therefore, we see no justification for such strengthening of the Kaliningrad garrison by redeploying offensive weapons, which are missiles “Iskander”. Their range is almost 600 miles, and this means that a significant part of Polish territory would be covered by these missiles,” – he said.

TASS cites another quote from the statement Waszczykowski. According to him, even if the Alliance will be placed on the Eastern flank of their forces in the framework of the recent NATO summit in Warsaw, “it will not change its defense doctrine and the relations to Russia”. The Minister of foreign Affairs of the Republic expressed hope that “Russia will return to the path of dialogue.”

Recall that at the NATO summit in Warsaw was announced the placement of four battalions of the Alliance in Eastern Europe to protect from Russia.

After reports of the deployment of Iskander Minister of defence of Poland, Anthony Macierewicz said on 8 October that “the Polish armed forces and intelligence system, including in collaboration with allies, are in constant readiness to monitor and guarantee the security of Poland and the partner countries”.

At the same time, in Poland there are also other statements. According to former Ambassador of Poland in Russia Katarzyna Pelczynski-Nałęcz, Moscow is trying to intimidate the West and conducts “systematic attempts at intimidation”. She said on October 8 in the programme Horyzont TV channel TVN24.

“They (the Russians) understand that intimidated the West, can be manipulated to more efficiently cultivate their own propaganda and to better achieve their goals in Ukraine or in other zones of influence.” According to her, the bullying needs to adequately react: “don’t get hysterical because it is also the purpose of Russian”, – advised Pelczynska-Nałęcz.

Meanwhile, RIA “Novosti” with reference to a diplomatic source reported that the deployment of “Iskander” near Kaliningrad and Russia’s actions in Syria are going to discuss at the meeting of 26-27 October in Brussels, the defence Ministers of 28 countries – members of NATO.

The defense Ministry on 8 October confirmed the messages about the deployment of “Iskander” in the Kaliningrad region. The official representative of the Ministry Igor Konashenkov stated that the deployment of facilities near Kaliningrad has happened repeatedly and is an element of planned training of the troops.

PTRC “Iskander-M” is capable of hitting targets at ranges up to 500 km. the complex consists of two types of missiles: ballistic and cruise. The system is designed to defeat the reactive systems of volley fire of the enemy missile and air defense, aircraft and helicopters at airfields, command posts and infrastructure facilities.

Poland has called the deployment of “Iskander” in the Kaliningrad region are inadequate Russia’s response to NATO 10.10.2016

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