In the suburban town Lytkarino police are checking
statements of residents about the mass deaths of dogs poisoned meat,
scattered on the streets by local hunters, the newspaper “Lytkarinsky
with reference to the district OVD Lytkarino, major of police
Sergei Luptakova. To messages joined the Prosecutor’s office
the city’s stated on the website of the Prosecutor’s office.

According to residents, unknown laid out on a street bait for dogs in the form of meat products with added poison. Two months in the city recorded more than 40 cases of poisoning of dogs, most of the animals resulting from the consumption of these baits was killed.

At the initiative of the owners of the dogs, November 9, in the city administration
a round table was held, where it was proposed to use in the capture
poisoners DVRs private cars. In the case of mass
the death of the dog under investigation, said at the round table Sergey

“We were transferred to a collective statement of the citizens, a certain
work on this case has been conducted. Unfortunately, browsing
the urban cameras of results have not given, but we continue to work
and ready to accept all statements by the affected owners. I also
I recommend the citizens to organize a vigil together with
representatives of the police,” – quoted a statement of the police
“Lytkarinsky news”.

The inspection the Prosecutor General of the city, for events
attracted by the police and local government. The test
located in the Moscow region Prosecutor’s office on control, says
the message Department.

Dogs poison antiemetic and anti-TB medicines

28 Oct lytkarinsky newspaper published a letter
a local resident, who said that while walking found a pack
metoclopromide: “last night was walking with his puppy and found
a whole bundle of metoclopramide (antiemetic) that the hunters
use in their “hunts” in the street Soviet the house 15 N in the Park
between the houses, where basically all we walks. The pack was full and
whole and could easily fall out of the pocket of the attacker”.

In a local veterinary clinic Alvita reported that animals with
signs of poisoning began to arrive in late September of this year, and
not all owners have time to take the dog to the vet. “We know
the case of the death of our patient, whose owner did not walk
the dog in the morning before work, brought her home and immediately left. Animal
died in the absence of the owner. All admitted to our clinic animals
had neurological symptoms in varying severity. In
most mild cases, it is salivation, weakness,
confusion, loss of coordination, shortness of breath. More
severe patients, they were the majority – four dogs – entered
state of seizures,” said the clinic.

“I had a female Dalmatian named Calypso. Unfortunately, to save her
failed and she died at a veterinary clinic on 6 October. As we
the doctor said, the poison is mixed with an antiemetic, and action
the drug is noticeable only in three hours,” said the master of the dead

According to other owners of dogs, animals who manage to survive
poisoning, are long and expensive course of treatment. “I had
to come home from work and the first time in my life saw a dog screaming,
it was a very hard condition, but thank God, it was pumped out. It
five hours droppers the first day and subsequent recovery,” the
quoted lytkarinsky edition of mistress of the Yorkshire Terrier Irina

As reported by the owners of the dogs, the hunters add tablets to liver
the sausage, which is well-sticks to everything, mix meat products with
poison with the ground so the owners could not find them.

The owner of the injured dog max Alexander reported that
the lure examination revealed isoniazid – a drug designed
for the treatment of tuberculosis in humans, which when injected into the blood
dogs are causing specific toxic effects. As a result
the dog developed convulsions and paralysis of respiratory muscles.

The inhabitants of Lytkarino claim that the poison began to throw even
places designed specifically for dogs, is on a fenced
Playground in the forest Park district of Park street.

The head of the city Yevgeny Seregin said that “it is dangerous not only for animals, because the poison scatter near educational institutions and playgrounds”.

Police and prosecutors are checking dozens of cases of poisoning of dogs in the suburban Lytkarino 11.11.2016

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