The management of the seaside aquarium, located on the island of Russian in Vladivostok, confirmed the information to local media about the death on the morning of Tuesday, October 25, two dolphins.

“In the morning with an interval of only a few hours in the pool, killed two
Dolphin-belobochka. Police were called, conducted investigative actions”, – reported “Interfax” the Director of the aquarium Vadim Serkov. Details of the incident he did not disclose, referring to secrecy of the investigation.

At the same time, Serkov said that the institution, which is under the patronage of Russian President Vladimir Putin, conducted an internal audit, formed a Committee viewed the CCTV footage. On the scene left the representatives of the Seaside environmental Prosecutor’s office and operational investigative group of police Department, reported the Ministry of internal Affairs for the Primorsky Krai.

Earlier Tuesday, local media reported information that two dolphins died. The main cause of death of animals sources call a violation of the water quality in the basin. As reported by the publication citing a source, both the dolphins before his death, his mouth was foaming. During the preliminary examination of the body of a mammal traces of violent death were found.

The dead animals were kept in the pool of the main building of aquarium. They showed the audience at the demonstration training. Only the main building contained three Dolphin-belobochka. On the fate and status of the last of them.

Some days it already the second case of the death of a pet aquarium. On 21 October there died a young Steller sea lion stark. On this incident the law enforcement agencies also conduct proceedings.

According to press reports, the animal died as a result of their injuries – were seen traces of blows with a blunt object, presumably a hammer. According to police, the deceased Steller’s sea lion was shattered jaw and had other head injuries.

On Tuesday it became known that the death of sea lions criminal
case under part 1 St. 245 criminal code (cruelty to animals, which caused his
death). “The results of veterinary examination of the animal found that
the Steller sea lion caused damage that led to his death”, – stated in the message a press-services UMVD of Russia for the Primorsky Krai.

Meanwhile, the version of death of sea lions reported to RIA PrimaMedia , a source in the aquarium. According to him, the stark household killed a worker who was scared when the animal decided to greet him, and began to beat him with a hammer.

Police are investigating the circumstances of the death of two dolphins in the seaside aquarium 25.10.2016

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