French investigators conducted Sunday from the first interrogation of the men who committed the February 3 attack on a military patrol near Paris ‘ Louvre Museum. Source Reuters at the Paris Prosecutor’s office said that he refused to answer questions.

At present the attacker with a wound contained in the hospital Georges Pompidou. “The interrogation was short, he refused to testify,” – said the Agency interlocutor.

According to TASS, the building of the hospital is from yesterday under heavy guard both inside and outside. Especially strictly guarded by the floor where the detainee is recovering.

According to French law, the detainee in cases of terrorism it may be located within 96 hours. This period, given the particularly serious situation and needs of any investigation can be extended for another two days. After that it is required either to release or charge him.

The attacker’s name was called Egyptian and French media: this, according to them, 29-year-old native of Egypt named Abdallah Reda El Rifai-Hamachi. In France, he arrived from Dubai on 26 January of this year with tourist visa.

Upon arrival, he rented an apartment in one of the prestigious quarters of the city, near the Champs-elysées, paying for it in cash. Cash, not credit card, he paid for the purchase of two machete military pattern in one of the major gun shops of Paris near place de La Bastille. The shop owner identified the buyer on against him by the police photos.

On Friday a man attacked a military patrol at the entrance to the underground shopping center “Karusel”, located next to Paris’s Louvre Museum. It happened when the military tried to check the contents of his backpack. The attacker brandished a knife and a machete, shouting threats and the phrase “Allah is great”. As a result, one soldier was wounded, the attacker himself received a severe gunshot wound, but survived.

Police attacked for the Louvre, the Egyptian refused to testify 05.02.2017

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