Police arrested 13 people from the initiative group for the protection of the Park, “TORRANCE” from the construction in this area of the temple, reports TASS. In relation to the leader of the protest movement Park Lebedev and member of the initiative group of Marina Originai Investigative Committee opened a criminal case under article 148 of the criminal code (“violation of the right to freedom of conscience and religion”).

Fighters with building of the Park, was detained in his apartments. According to some, to activists descended at about six o’clock. It was reported that among those arrested were 16-year-old Alexander, son of activist Pavel Alekseev, who is usually removed from what is happening around the Park “TORRANCE” on the video.

Journalist Maria Eismont wrote in Facebookthat she sent a video with the withdrawal of the father with a 16-year-old son. Later, the”OVD-info” , it became known that information about the detention of minors was not confirmed.

On the website of the “Yabloko” party, which supports the activists, reported that they were suspected of insulting the feelings of believers. The head of the Moscow branch of the “Yabloko” Sergei Mitrokhin said the”echo of Moscow”, which together with activists, law enforcement officers took members of their families.

Searches and detentions were conducted without lawyers, and with “their” witnesses

With the two sides houses were on duty police cars, each detainee was escorted by about 15-20 officers, and the entire operation was filmed by the journalists of the TV channel NTV, told RBC eyewitness Victoria Mironova.

As reported on his page in Facebook the head of the NGO “Rus sitting” Olga Romanova, among the detainees – Marina verigina and her husband Vladimir Grechaninov.

Visit Romanova States that during the detention Natalia Fedorova law enforcement officers “cordoned off the entrance, did not let the neighbors to be witnesses said that witnesses gave”. “Together with Natalia planted in a paddy wagon, her husband Boris, their daughter Dasha (18 years) and her mother aunt Shura, invalid,” – said Romanov.

According to her, Mr Lebedev and his wife Valentina Lebedev after searches “put in a paddy wagon, along with a minor daughter.”

According to neighbors, activists threatened to break the door, if they will not open. According to the report on the website of the “Yabloko”, the threat made in the case of Marina Original: “a Man in uniform law enforcement officers began to knock on the apartment of Marina Original at six in the morning, she opened the door, but she broke down and took the whole family.”

According to information obtained by the website Activatica from neighbors, Pavel Alexeev and spouses there for a while brought in the paddy wagons back to the house, but after a short stay in their homes they were taken again.

“All searches were conducted without lawyers. No communication with several families of the defenders of TORRANCE, now we find out where they are, the human rights activist added. Lawyers we found that they went to the detainees. Protection represent Maxim Pashkov Sergey Shank”.

“Grossly violated the legislation of the Russian Federation. In fact, people just kidnapped because they did not present grounds for conducting searches and arrests, not allowed to contact relatives, not allowed to contact lawyers,” wrote about this human rights activist Lev Ponomaryov in a blog on the website of “Echo of Moscow”.

A preliminary list of detainees (according to data of “OVD-info” and Olga Romanova) is: Natalia, Daria, Alexander and Boris Fedorov, Evgeniy and Valentin Lebedev, Konstantin Azin, Vladislav and Svetlana Kuznetsov, Anastasia Dimitriadi, Paul and Alexander Alekseev, Sergey Makarkin.

The case was initiated by denunciations of the movement “forty times Forty”

The detainees were brought to the investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation on Severo-East administrative district of Moscow.

About excitation of criminal case and Virigina Lebedev told TASS the lawyer of public movement “forty times Forty” Oksana mikhalkina. The lawyer said that the criminal case was initiated for repeated allegations against the detainees and did not rule out that the prosecution can also expand by article 282 of the criminal code (“inciting hatred or hostility, and humiliation of human dignity”).

“Recently, in the name of the Patriarch we have filed 500 applications with the request to select a replacement “Torfyanka” of the previously submitted 20 alternatives. However, after that, the Patriarch said that the people in the Park are against the faith, and the task of the Church not to go backwards. I connect today’s events with this,” said RBC’s Park defender Michael Barbotin.

The head of the public movement “forty times Forty” Andrew Kornuhin in comments to the Agency linked the searches and detention with a number of motions filed these statements.

“We have repeatedly filed criminal cases on the facts, including vandalism, and extremism. Misconduct dealt with by the detainees, was aimed at the persecution of believers and the prior of a temple father Oleg Shalimov, who several times was attacked at the Park” he said.

The rector of the Church; priest Oleg Shalimov claimedthat on several occasions were attacked at the Park “TORRANCE”, therefore appealed to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation with a request to conduct an audit.

The confrontation between supporters and opponents of the construction of the temple in the Park “TORRANCE” continues for the second year. In summer 2015 a group of residents LOSINOOSTROVSKY district opposed the plans for the transfer of part of the territory of the Park “TORRANCE” under construction temple in honour of Kazan icon of mother of God. June 1, 2015 Babushkinskiy district court of Moscow ruled that the construction is legal, but its opponents are still put at the entrance to the Park tent. They were opposed by members of the local Orthodox community and the activists of the movement “forty times Forty”.

Prefecture North-Eastern administrative district of Moscow, under public pressure, has suspended the construction work. In early September of the same year in the framework of the Internet project “Active citizen” voted on the issue of alternative site for the temple. As a result, under the construction were allocated territory in the Anadyr travel.

In October 2015 the Moscow authorities took a final decision to abandon the construction of the temple at “Torfyanka”. But the protesters are activists still decided to stay in the Park on duty around the clock. In mid-February of 2016 at “Torfyanka” once again broke out conflict over the construction of the temple. Opponents of its construction, reported that on the night of 13 February in the Park were imported building materials. In early March, the protesters complainedthat the police demolished their tent.

Police early this morning raided the opponents of the construction of the temple in the Moscow Park “TORRANCE” 14.11.2016

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