In the U.S. city of Charlotte (North Carolina) police officer Jermaine Sanders shot and killed a deaf mute, Daniel Harris behind the wheel of a Volvo was speeding and did not stop at his request, reported local TV channel WCNC.

A short chase both cars received minor damage, and when Harris came out of the cabin and tried to explain in sign language, Sanders pulled the trigger.

Disabled was 29 years old. He was shot near his home. Neighbors Harris organized the murder of a small memorial, placing flowers there.

Sanders suspended, the police launched an investigation.

As noted by the New York Daily News, “small” and “thin” Harris, who had no weapons, hardly represented any threat to Sanders when he got out of the car. The Internet-the edition also writes that this year, the us police have killed over 750 people.

Police in the US shot and killed a deaf driver who tried to sign after speeding 23.08.2016

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