The Polish government rejected the idea to completely ban abortion under
the influence of demonstrations
the protest, dubbed “Black Monday.” This was stated
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of science and higher education of Poland Yaroslav
Gowing, reports AP.

“I want to reassure those who are afraid that abortion in Poland, will be fully
prohibited. Of course, a complete ban on abortion will not, in cases
when a woman is raped or when placed under
threat to her life and health,” said Gauvin in the air Radiu

He said that he was surprised by a large-scale protest of women: “They
made us think and taught humility.”

This comment shows, said The
that the conservative leadership of Poland, apparently
refuses to support a highly unpopular proposal to ban
abortion even in cases of rape or incest.

The speaker of the Senate Stanislav Karchevsky said that the upper chamber will not
to initiate the work on draft law on the further limitation
abortion. At the same time, he called for a ban on the abortion of embryos with
down syndrome, which are allowed in Poland. “This is a wonderful children
they love their parents, and they love the parents, they bring warmth and
love in the house. I am opposed to kill these children,” said

He stressed that the Senate wait for the results of the work of the Saeima
this draft law, but the protests “will be taken into account”, writes
the portal
“It is bad that someone said that they don’t matter. Protests
were large and expressed the opinion of a large part of society,”
he added.

The government led by the party “law and justice”,
had serious pressure from the international community. In
Wednesday in the European Parliament held a debate on the situation of women in
Poland, where abortion was illegal, and some doctors refuse
to perform even legal abortion for ethical reasons.

In the case of the bill on the prohibition of abortion, women who
an abortion would be punishable by a prison term of five years, and doctors for help
the abortion would be threatened with fines or jail. Critics of the law said that he
casts suspicion on women who have a miscarriage, because
the early stages of pregnancy, miscarriages and abortions on the symptoms

Valid in Poland, a law passed in 1993, prohibits abortion
providing exceptions for when a woman’s life in
danger when there is a risk of serious and irreversible damage to the fetus
and in cases when the woman becomes pregnant in consequence of rape or
incest (this should be confirmed by the Prosecutor). Polish women
usually go to Germany or other neighbouring countries to make
abortion, or order pills online. They also have abortions

Polish Deputy Prime Minister promised that a complete ban on abortions in the country 05.10.2016

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