Court of the European Union on 23 December suspended the decision of the European Commission on the extension of the right of “Gazprom” for filling of the Opal gas pipeline – terrestrial continuation of the “Nord stream”. This was stated on Tuesday, December 27, at a press conference in Warsaw the CEO of biggest Polish gas company PGNiG Piotr Wozniak, and the statement was made on the website of the company. The official court decision has not yet been published.

The suit was taken from PGNiG, which in the beginning of the month, December 4, through his German “daughter” of the PST is operating at the German market, challenged in the European court the European Commission’s decision approving an exception 50% of the capacity of Opal pipeline from the third energy package, enabling Gazprom to increase gas pumping to Europe.

“We’ve stopped quite bad and harmful for us the decision until its consideration by the European court”, – quotes Wozniak TASS. The company believes that the decision of the EC has its interests and violate EU norms in the field of competition, protection of interests of third parties, the rule of proportionality, and the provisions of the Association Agreement EU-Ukraine.

According to Wozniak, the Polish side is unhappy that the EC decision is still not published. “We can not evaluate it,” said Wozniak, noting that the European Commission had received the explanation that the “decision not ready to publish, so as to exclude trade data”.

According to a press release published on the website of PGNiG, the composition of the complaints included 14 charges against the European Commission, including in violation of the Treaty on European Union and directives of the European Parliament for the rules of the internal natural gas market. A few days later, the Polish government filed a similar complaint with the European court, noting her negative impact on the security, stability and competitiveness of supply.

The EU court asked the EC to present a detailed explanation of the proposed procedure of allocation of capacity Opal. While the PGNiG needs to undertake an in-depth analysis of the impact of the decision of the EC on the security and competitiveness of gas supplies to Poland, said in a statement.

Interfax reports that Gazprom has already increased its physical download Opal to 86%. “Kommersant” “Gazprom” this information did not comment, noting that a formal decision has not yet been published and the company has not received any official documents.

Earlier the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and President of Poland Andrzej Duda released a joint statement stating that the decision of the European Commission to improve the access of Gazprom to the gas Оpal can create a risk to the gas supplies between Ukraine and Poland.

At the end of October, the European Commission de facto withdraw Opal from the provisions of the third energy package of the EU. Such a decision gives the right to “Gazprom” independently to buy the operator of the gas pipeline to 40% of the 50% reserved for third party companies. Remaining 10-20% must be accessible to applications from other gas producers.

Polish state-owned company announced that the European court has suspended the decision of the EU to increase access for Gazprom to the Opal pipeline 28.12.2016

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