In the UK, the survey conducted among travel enthusiasts revealed a large number of people who are willing to violate the rules of stay in hotels and even to commit crimes. More than a third of respondents admitted that was involved in the theft committed in hotels.

Theft admitted 39 percent of the surveyed tourists, writes The Daily Mail with reference to the Sunshine tour operator, conducted a curious survey. As a rule, are prey to unscrupulous guests became towels. Also thieving guests are attracted to the robes and “decorative elements” in hotel rooms.

33 percent of respondents admitted that literally extorted from hoteliers discounts through deception and outright blackmail: tourists threatened to write a bad review about the hotel on the Internet.

And 24 percent of respondents did not hide the fact of their use of drugs directly in the hotel rooms.

One in six British (16%) cheating with the use of the Minibar. Tourist drink the contents of bottles and then fills them with plain water. Nine percent of the former residents confessed to the vandalism that caused damage to the hotel rooms.

Tourists confessed to other offenses. Most of them (52%) remained in the room longer than scheduled. While 41% of respondents secretly brought to guests ‘ rooms.

Five percent of British tourists used hotel elevators for sexual pleasures. Moreover, 62% of this share of the respondents were caught by staff at the scene.

A few years ago, a similar survey was conducted among Russians. Then it turned out that every second compatriot steals in European hotels Slippers, shampoo, towel and bathrobes.

Theft in Russian hotels

Russian hotels also become a place of Commission of thefts. On Thursday, the police of the Lipetsk region reported the arrest of 25-year-old unemployed man who is suspected in the kidnapping of the three phones of the staff of the hotel in the town of Usman.

The reported crime was reported to the police on 21 October 2016, reports the official site of regional UMVD. The victims claimed that a thief has snatched their mobile phones and a wallet in which there were 2 650 rubles.

On the given fact criminal case under article 158 of the criminal code (“Theft”).

But it also happens that the values lost have themselves guests who invite to his room casual acquaintances. For example, in the Leninsky district of Rostov-on-don revealed the theft of the property. The client told the operatives that were invited to the night a strange girl in the room. When the guest fell asleep, the intruder stole his cell phone and money then fled. The total damage amounted to 20 thousand rubles.

Although the victim did not know the name of his “friend”, police were able to identify her. The alleged thief was 32-the summer inhabitant of red Sulina, which now threatens till five years of imprisonment, writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

A similar crime was solved and Komsomolsk-on-Amur in Khabarovsk Krai. There the police turned a resident of Nanai district, which she described arrived on time in Komsomolsk-on-Amur and stayed at the hotel. The woman met with the company and invited new friends to his room. When the guests left, the resident discovered that her mobile phone and cash went missing. The total damage amounted to 37 thousand rubles.

During the investigation, police arrested 36-year-old homeless man. He confessed to having abducted things the victim when she fell asleep.

Cell phone police seized from the suspect during the inspection, and the money he spent on personal needs, according to “Vostok-Media”.

A suspect in the theft put under arrest.

Poll: 39% of British tourists steal from hotels 10.11.2016

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