The majority of Finnish citizens do not believe that their country in the near future to take part in the war. According to the survey conducted by the newspaper Aamulehti, only one in four Finns felt that the country is embroiled in military conflict. Almost 10% of Finns believe that Finnish army will have to take part in the fighting in the next 10 years, reports the

The survey was conducted on the background of the increasingly sounding in the West claims about “aggression” posed by Russia, and Moscow’s desire to conquer on the “Crimean scenario” in the new territories. As it turned out, the majority of Finns do not believe that war can lead the threat from its Eastern neighbor. Among the possible reasons for the occurrence of the military conflict, the respondents named climate change, shortage of water or food.

From the September survey of Finland Valitut Palat showed that more than half of the Finns feel threatened by the actions of Russia. While 54% said Eastern neighbor security threat. However, as can be seen from a recent study, Finnish citizens do not believe that the policies leading to the creation of a potential threat to its neighbors, Russia can move to real military action.

Yesterday the Minister of defence of Finland Jussi Niinistö, commenting on the placement of Russian missile complexes “Iskander” and s-400 in the Kaliningrad region, saidthat does not see direct threats to their country. According to Niinistö, he does not see in actions of the Russian authorities intentions to threaten Finland. At the same time, he stressed that the negative spiral of actions and responses could lead to specific, “albeit accidental,” consequences.

The Russian authorities assure that Finland has nothing to fear, but warn that in case of accession to NATO will be taken to protect the borders. So, during a joint press conference with Finnish President Sauli Niinistö during a visit to Finland in July, Putin raised this issue. He noted that Moscow will try to start a dialogue with NATO, despite the expansion of the Alliance to the borders of Russia. He also reminded that Russia withdrew troops from the Finnish-Russian border is 1500 km, while “on our borders in the Baltic States, NATO troops increase.”

However, he warned Putin that if Finland joins NATO, the Russian military may be in the same positions. “Imagine that Finland joins NATO, it means that Finnish troops would cease to be independent, will cease to be sovereign in the full sense of the word, they will become part of the military infrastructure of NATO, which at once will be at the borders of the Russian Federation. Do you think we will continue to act? Fifteen hundred troops withdrew and just leave it?” – said Putin.

During Putin’s visit, Niinistö raised the issue of security on the flights of Russian aviation in the Baltic region with transponders turned off. The Finnish leader has noticed that such flights “are associated with a certain risk and a large enough danger.” He also proposed to agree to the transponders was always included. Shortly after returning home Putin held operational meeting with permanent members of the security Council, which discussed the issues related to confidence-building in the skies over the Baltic.

At the end of August it became known that the Finnish authorities hope for a speedy signing of the agreement with the US on military cooperation because of the “Russian threat”. The Minister of defence of Finland Jussi Niinistö stressed that the agreement which is being negotiated against the background of growing in the Nordic countries the discontent of the Russian military activity in the region, not to contain obligations on military assistance, which would involve NATO membership. “This paper will cover areas in which already work together, such as military training, information exchange and research activities,” – said Niinistö.

Poll: majority of Finns do not believe in the possibility of military conflict to Russia 24.11.2016

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