Two-thirds of Russians have not heard about the Belarusian writer Svetlana Aleksievich, which this year received the Nobel prize for literature. According to a survey conducted by “Levada Center”, admitted 65% of respondents.

Another 17% of respondents reported that they had heard the name Aleksievich, but didn’t read her written works. From those who know about the writer, 5% had read her novel “war Has no female face”, 2% called in read the book Svetlana Aleksievich “Last witnesses: the book of unchildlike stories”.

1% said they had read other works by the writer: “Enchanted
death”, “Chernobyl prayer,” “Time second hand”. Undecided 9% of survey participants. A sociological study was conducted October 23-26 among 800 people in 134 communities 46 regions of the Russian Federation.

Note that so little informed about the work of Svetlana Aleksievich Russians in the near future no chance to expand their knowledge, because the writer is not going to come to Russia. As it became known, publishing houses and bookstores of Moscow planned to organize a meeting with Nobel laureate, but was refused. This was reported by “Russian news service” the General Director of publishing house “Time” Boris Pasternak.

“We do not expect in the near future. Not waiting until the end of the year. Its main task now is to write the Nobel prize acceptance speech. She sits in Minsk and travels only on the old obligations. Here she visited the festival in Krakow, gave two press conferences. One in Minsk for Belarusian journalists and the second in Berlin for the international press,” said Pasternak.

In the capital’s bookstores DCL confirmed that he planned to organize a meeting Aleksievich with readers, but was refused. “We contacted the publisher, and we were told that the writer will be able to arrive in Moscow not earlier than January,” – said the press service of the Moscow house of the book. Expected arrival of the writer and at the International fair of intellectual literature Non/fiction, however, Aleksievich has not yet confirmed its participation.

67-year-old Svetlana Alexievich was awarded the Nobel prize in literature for 2015 in early October. In the Nobel Committee, commenting on the reasons for the election of the winner, noted that the award was given Aleksievich “for its polyphonic art is a monument to the suffering and courage in our time.” Previously the writer was awarded the prize “Triumph”, the Remarque prize, the National critics award and others.

The book Svetlana Aleksievich published in 19 countries, including the USA, Germany, UK, Japan, Sweden, France, China, Vietnam, Bulgaria, India. Since the beginning of 2000-ies the writer lives in the West.

Poll: nearly 65% of Russians had not heard about the Nobel prize for literature Svetlana Aleksievich 30.10.2015

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