Two thirds of Russian students (66%) believe that corruption is the main problem of the country, which hinders its development, write “Vedomosti” with reference to the study entitled “the Value orientations of the Russian students” conducted by the laboratory for political studies Higher school of Economics in February – March 2017 6055 among students in 109 schools.

While most students do not trust the state Duma deputies, officials of local authorities, mayors, governors and journalists. Besides them in this list, the police, employees working for local authorities, heads of private and state-owned Russian companies, members of government and employees of Federal ministries, according to the publication.

“Students do not trust the officials and civil servants, as there is a request for conscientious elite who need to be educated and intelligent, says the results of the study head of laboratory Valery Kasamara. – The current elite they don’t trust”.

Thus the question of for whom they voted in the upcoming election, 47% of respondents named Vladimir Putin, 7% – opposition activist Alexei Navalny, 6% – the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky. However, in Moscow over Navalny ready to vote 11%, and in St. Petersburg – 10%.

“Students are faced with corruption – said Casamara. So this is confirmation of the position that the March 26 rally was not for Navalny, and against corruption. The majority does not believe that meetings can be something to achieve, but it simply became for them a new social experience because of past large protests still five years.”

64% of students surveyed stated that they are not ready to take part in the protest, opposite the position marked 14% of respondents.

At the same time, 75% of respondents believe that reforms are necessary not only in Economics but also in politics, while 48% say about the need for “careful fine-tuning of the existing system,” not fundamental changes. Meanwhile, 65% of respondents believe that fear should not define the relationship of government and society, and do not agree with the statement “the government should be afraid of, otherwise it will not be respected,” the article reads.

On March 26, the campaign against corruption under the slogan “we won’t Dimon” were held in 99 cities in Russia. According to estimates of the media, attended by about 60 thousand people. The largest was a rally in Moscow, where, according to human rights activists, were detained 1030 people, including the organizer of the rally, Alexei Navalny, whom the court sentenced to 15 days of arrest and a fine of 20 thousand rubles.

It was reported on the detention and interrogations of students and pupils in connection with their participation in protest actions. The society began an active discussion of the topic, and in the Federation Council in this regard, attendedhow to teach patriotism in schools and what place to take in the fight against corruption.

Poll: Russian students don’t trust the deputies and officials, believing that corruption is the main problem of the country 16.05.2017

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