The majority of participants of sociological poll conducted by the Russian center for public opinion studies (VTSIOM), do not support the position of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) and some public figures over abortion. 70% of Russians spoke against the removal of abortion from the system of compulsory medical insurance (OMS).

Supported this idea, only a fifth of respondents (21%). A complete ban on abortion for Russian women is 72% called impossible. In the case of the ban on abortion in the country predict a rise in the number of clandestine operations (31%), the increase in the number of homeless children (13%), mortality (11%) and poverty (8%).

It should be noted, the statistics show that the abortion Russians do often enough. So, a poll conducted among 1,600 people over 18 years in 130 settlements of the Russian Federation, showed that in almost every tenth Russian (9%) had an abortion, and 57% of women responded that they have close friends who had a similar experience. Men have such friends less – 29%.

Respondents said the main reason for abortion is a bad financial situation – so I think more than half of the survey participants (51%). Also sociologists point out that those who are familiar with the problem personally or through friends, talking about the importance of the material conditions twice as often as others (62% vs. 39%). Personal reluctance to have children or to give birth without her husband called every tenth (11% and 10%, respectively).

Only 4% of respondents called abortion is unacceptable under any circumstances, while the vast majority believe that a woman should have the right to make their own decision about abortion.

Also, respondents answered the question, in what cases an abortion would be justified. The most important reason survey respondents believe that a threat to life and health of women (60%), sexual abuse (46%), poverty (37%), young age girls (26%), the presence of three or more children (22%).

In June of this year the Interreligious Council of Russia, which includes leaders and representatives of traditional religious communities of the country, called to take abortion out of the system. Patriarch Kirill at the end of September signed the petition of the movement “For life”, proposes to ban abortion. Also supported a ban on abortion authorized under the President of Russia for children’s rights Anna Kuznetsova, some state Duma deputies, famous actors and athletes.

Polls: 70% of Russians spoke against the removal of abortion from the MMI system 25.10.2016

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