Sanctions and economic crisis did not increase the number of Russians wishing to emigrate to another country, according to the website of the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM). These are the results of a survey conducted in early October in 130 populated localities in 46 regions of Russia.

The desire to emigrate was declared by 11% of Russians, and this figure, according to opinion polls, has barely changed over the last years: the same 11% talked about the desire to go abroad in 2012, in 2011, 2013 and 2015, the figure was 13%. In 1991, the share of such respondents was 16%. According to the survey “Levada-Center”, published in July 2016, to emigrate from Russia wants almost every fifth Russian (19%), and thought about it 25% of citizens.

The majority of sociologists VTSIOM have declared the desire to emigrate can not imagine when it is unable to carry out the move. The majority (50%) did not think about the timing of the move, 18% – don’t know when this can happen. 13% refer to a period of the next three to five years.

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16% of respondents teach a foreign language, 15% are hoarding the money, 14% collect information about the country, 11% consulted with friends. 4% looking for work or courses. 64% of those wishing to leave do not take any effort.

The vast majority of Russians is not going to leave Russia (86%) and believe that their children and grandchildren to live better in it, but not abroad (75%).

Those who would like to emigrate, most often among the reasons for this are a higher standard of living, wages and pensions (50%), 7% said social stability (7%). According to the poll, only 5% do not like the policy pursued by the authorities. 4% said among the reasons for emigration is the climate.

Most attractive to respondents who intend to go abroad, I think the life in Germany (12%). In second place is USA (7%), followed by France (5%), England (4%), Canada and Italy (3%). The survey involved 1,600 respondents.

In June 2015, the head of the Federal migration service of Russia Konstantin Romodanovsky also saidthat is not observed in Russia is “time to go”. The Committee of civil initiatives, analyzing the statistics of Rosstat and comparing it with data from the national statistical services of foreign countries on the annual entry of the Russians, came to the conclusionthat the official data on the number of emigrants from the country of Russians underestimated three to four times and in fact from 1989 to 2015 left Russia 13-18 million people.

Polls: 86% of Russians want to emigrate, and 75% believe that their children are better to live in Russia 26.10.2016

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