Living in Kyiv former Deputy of the state Duma Ilya Ponomarev has linked the murder of his former colleagues from the Communist Denis Boronenkov with its investigations of smuggling and FSB General Oleg Feoktistov named General Fix. He told about it on Thursday, March 23, at a joint briefing with the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko in Kiev, reports “Ukrainian truth”.

“He (Boronenkov) knew a lot about what is the most vulnerable part for the whole of the Putin government. Their financial flows”, – said Ponomarev.

Voronenkov has investigated high-profile criminal case of “Three whales” about contraband of furniture, realizovyvavshy in shopping centres “Three whales” and “Grand”. “Many generals lost their positions was a change in leadership of the customs service. This Denis has gained many enemies. These enemies were behind the attempt on him when he was in Russia”, – said the former MP.

According to him, after moving to Ukraine Voronenkov was going to work on Russian corruption cases, wanted to create a non-state centre to investigate money laundering by Russian authorities. “He was not allowed to do it, my basic version: for these are the same people, the same General Feoktistov,” – said Ponomarev.

“In addition I want to say that in Russia the FSB there are a few generals who have the right to direct the call to the Russian President Putin. Feoktistov was one of these generals. That is, a person who can report to the President through the head even the Chairman of the FSB,” he added.

Boronenkov told Feoktistov his “ordered” the investigation against the leadership of the FSB

He Boronenkov in an interview said that his criminal case was not involved Vladimir Putin himself: “It not its level”.

“I ordered the General of FSB Oleg Feoktistov – explained Boronenkov. – Until recently, he headed the security service of Rosneft, where Sechin runs. My opposition to Feoktistov began in 2007 while working in the Federal service for control over drug trafficking”.

In 2004-2007 Boronenkov has been an employee of the Federal drug control service and had the rank of Colonel. He himself, in interview to the Ukrainian edition “”, posted on 14 February, said that the Federal drug control service have fought with the smugglers and it was then that he began his “confrontation” with General Feoktistov.

Viktor Cherkesov was one of the closest associates of Putin, and Putin had instructed him to engage in the fight against smuggling. Boronenkov as a military lawyer was appointed head of the Department. “We took up the fight against smuggling very seriously, our goal was to reach those who led them. As a result of our activities was dismissed 16 generals of the FSB, as well as a number of associated prosecutors. Such cleaning of the leadership of the security forces was not even ever. And this was only the beginning, the investigation continued to move forward,” – said Boronenkov.

In one case failed to prove that “smugglers directly to the senior officials of the FSB, who delivered the goods directly to the address of his military unit”. “To earn billions of dollars for many years. We opened this channel, documented most of the leaders, put a stop to this activity. This case became known as the case of the company “Three whales”. Some Zueva drugged, taken to Germany, he rewrote the business allegedly worked as his movers Chechens, who subsequently had to rewrite the next who show. But we all dug,” – said Boronenkov.

However, to bring the investigation to the end failed. “Many of my colleagues who participated in the development, was arrested by the FSB on trumped up charges, and the DEA was, in fact, defeated.” Boronenkov, according to him, left after the resignation of the head of the service Viktor Cherkesov.

General Cherkesov in October 2007 wrote in “Kommersant” article “we Cannot allow the soldiers turned into traders” on the harmful consequences which can lead the country, the impunity of high-ranking corrupt officials. “Because of this article, he was dismissed, the Federal drug control service was liquidated,” – says ex-Deputy of the state Duma.

“And at this point it became clear that Russia chose a different course. It turned out that Putin doesn’t like it when endure dirty linen in public, if this COP comes to his closest friends, which corruption, as it turned out, allowed. In fact, a case of smuggling, the FSB has defined, in what direction will develop in Russia in the future”, – he said.

“To destroy the case against the FSB leadership, they began the persecution of drug employees. This was done by Oleg Feoktistov, chief of the sixth service of the USB of the FSB,” – said Boronenkov. “Feoktistov was given the task to deal with all the drug employees who were involved in the investigation against the leadership of the FSB. They thought I was one of the key elements of this operation.”

After that in 2007 in Central Moscow on Boronenkov was assassinated, which he also tied to the FSB General Feoktistov. “I was shot. It is in the midst of business “Three whales”. I am sure that the attack was carried out by the staff Feoktistova. I was lucky – I survived, but received bullet wounds in the legs. Endured 12 operations. Was prosecuted for attempted murder – found no one. The press also wrote “the bridge” – Yes, he was drunk, he fell, broke his leg. They have so decided. To underestimate them is absolutely impossible.”

In Ukraine, Boronenkov tried to cooperate with the security forces

Voronenkov has decided to leave in 2016 from Russia to Ukraine for criminal prosecution, which he called rigged. The ex-MP has repeatedly stated to journalists that for excitation of criminal case against him is General Feoktistov, who allegedly has a vendetta against him for private investigation smuggling business “Three whales”.

The former MP claimed that people Feoktistova repeatedly asked him to close a criminal case against him. “Even called amount. Approaches was, I dismissed”, he said.

In interview to TV channel “Rain” Ponomarev said that Boronenkov the plan was to create a center of investigation of smuggling and he consulted with the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies and the presidential administration of Ukraine, to harmoniously integrate into the power vertical of the country. “He was trying to build up some kind of format that would be comfortable for all and led to some result. He consulted with the apparatus of the security Council of Ukraine and presidential administration, and with all security services”.

“He wanted to fit in with the work of Ukrainian law enforcement system in order to be useful, to do what he was engaged in professional investigation of illicit flows”, – said Ponomarev.

Killer Boronenkov was a fighter of the Ukrainian national guard

Meanwhile, “Vesti Ukraine” with reference to “RBC-Ukraine”, which, in turn, refers to its own sources, reported that the killers of the former Deputy of the state Duma it was found the certificate of the participant of hostilities, issued by the National guard of Ukraine.

“When the deceased found the certificate of the participant of hostilities, issued by the National guard,” confirmed the journalists informed source.

According to the Ukrainian media, who died on the operating table Boronenkov killer could be a member of ATO in the East of Ukraine. About it the correspondent “news” in an informal conversation reported by a law enforcement officer.

Earlier, the chief doctor of the Kyiv city hospital N17 Igor Demin told about the reasons of death of the offender. “A lot of injuries, spine, head, four bullets in the body. Did direct massage of the heart. It failed to start, but because of the too long stay it didn’t help. Worked in the operating room of 16 people. Massive blood loss”, – he said.

As has established a consequence, the murderer of former Russian parliamentarian to the place of the massacre of Voronenkova picked up the car. In addition, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko said that the killer was in possession of the documents. The investigating authorities considered that this fact is extremely unusual for such crimes and are currently checking their authenticity.

That killer Boronenkov – a citizen of Ukraine, said people’s Deputy, the adviser to the interior Minister Anton Geraschenko. The same information Agency “Interfax-Ukraine” said the speaker of the Ministry of internal Affairs Artem Shevchenko. None of them names the killer is not named. According to media reports, the man was wanted in the case of fictitious entrepreneurship and legalization of income obtained by criminal means.

The former Deputy of the state Duma Denis Voronenkov was killed today in the center of Kiev at the hotel “Premier Palace”. MP of Ukraine, adviser to the interior Minister Anton Gerashchenko said on air of the TV channel “112 Ukraine”that the identity of the killer installed, and confirmed that he is a citizen of Ukraine. The killer died in hospital without regaining consciousness. Now are complexes of operational-search activities in order to detain the second person who participated in organizing the murder.

General Feoktistov, fired recently at Rosneft, where he was head of security, may take the post of Deputy head of economic security service of FSB – one of the key units of the security services.

Previously, he headed the 6th service of management of own safety of FSB, nicknamed “Sechin special forces” since it was established in 2004 on the initiative of the then Deputy Prime Minister, current head of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin. Feoktistov considered the organizer of the arrest of the Minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukayev.

March 12, “Vedomosti”, citing a statement by the head of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin reported that Feoktistov returned to “military service”. For further questions, why and under what circumstances Feoktistov left position, Sechin did not answer.

A source close to law enforcement, explained that the parish Feoktistova in “Rosneft” have stepped up the sale of “Bashneft”. And on the night of 15 November, the FSB and the UK speaker detained on suspicion in receiving a bribe in 2 million dollars. Feoktistov took an active part in this affair, Sechin asked him about it, even when he worked for the FSB, said a senior official of the security organs.


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Ponomarev said about the murder Boronenkov FSB General Feoktistova 23.03.2017

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