The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in the evening of 24 October in an interview to Ukrainian TV channels said that in the event of failure of the arrangements reached at negotiations in Minsk in September 2014 and February 2015, there are two variants of development of events in the Donbass.

“Alternative two: a military solution to the conflict and open attack on the Russian Federation. I ask you to compare military budgets and capabilities, was asked to assume responsibility for future victims,” – said Poroshenko, quoted by UNIAN.

“If we’re talking about liability – it only means that those political forces who are against “Minsk”, aim to abandon these territories, to build a border and practice the logic of land for peace,” continued the President of Ukraine.

“I want to disappoint that these political forces and their supporters, who are against Minsk, will not receive neither peace nor territories. Therefore these statements are absolutely irresponsible,” – said Poroshenko and said that “he who proposes to abolish Minsk”, should offer an alternative.

In addition, in conversation with journalists of Ukrainian TV channels Poroshenko refuted the information, published October 21 edition that he had raised his voice to the Russian President Vladimir Putin at talks in Berlin on October 19.

Poroshenko explained that he did tell Putin that he “stopped shooting”, but said that never raised her voice to the Russian President. According Poroshenko reportedly said in a raised voice to Putin phrase: “No, you just stop shooting”.

In an interview on TV the President of Ukraine said it expects to complete the process of agreeing a “road map” for the implementation of the Minsk agreements by the end of November. According to him, the road map will include the implementation of all the Minsk agreements in September 2014 (the”Minsk-1″) and February 2015 (the”Minsk-2″).

Poroshenko called the condition of an open attack on Russia 24.10.2016

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