The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has approved the doctrine of information security of Ukraine, whose main aim is counteraction to “destructive information impact of the Russian Federation in the conditions unleashed a hybrid war”, reports the UNIAN with reference to the press service of the head of state.

As noted in the document, the adoption of the doctrine is needed in light of actual threats to national security in the information sphere and the need for new approaches to formation of system of protection and development of the information space in terms of free circulation of information.

As noted, to control the implementation of said doctrine in the tasks will direct the national security Council and defence of Ukraine (NSDC). The government will ensure the implementation of state information policy and funding programs related to information security.

“Despite the special conditions and the conduct against our country’s aggressive information war not only on its territory but also in the world, ensuring the implementation of doctrine is only possible subject to proper coordination of activities implemented by all state authorities”, – the document says.

Participation in the protection of information space of Ukraine also will take the foreign Ministry, defense Ministry, Ministry of culture, the national Council on television and radio broadcasting, intelligence agencies, the security Service of Ukraine and other departments.

Note that at the end of last year the President of Russia Vladimir Putin approved the new doctrine of information security of the country. Among its main provisions, the opposition of foreign countries who are increasing their informational influence on Russia, the protection of young people against the erosion of traditional moral values, the neutralization of explosions of foundations and Patriotic traditions, and so on.

The document also noted, the limitless possibilities of circulation of information “is increasingly used to achieve geopolitical, terrorist, extremist and criminal purposes,” and a number of foreign countries increases the impact of information on Russia. In this particular country, the doctrine was not mentioned.

Poroshenko has approved the doctrine of the anti Russian propaganda 26.02.2017

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