Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said that Russia increases military presence near the Ukrainian borders and that the threat of invasion on the territory of Ukraine is saved. He said this in the course of the operational duties of the Armed forces of Ukraine on Wednesday, 22 February, in Kiev, speaking to army leadership.

“The Russian military contingent in the South East, in the Transnistrian measurement of Moldova, too, in my opinion, may at any time be used for attacks on our territory and threatening our borders,” Poroshenko said (quoted by RIA “Novosti”).

“The threat of full-scale aggression of the Russian Federation will not go away. And this threat is not only oozing through the uncontrolled border areas in the Donbass, it hangs on the border line with Russia, and even more, this makes us believe in the hostile intentions of the Russian Federation”, – quoted Poroshenko, the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

Ukraine offers to deprive Russia of the right of veto in the UN security Council as one of the parties to the conflict in the Donbass

Poroshenko stressed that near the Ukrainian border deployed units of the Russian armed forces numbering up to 50 thousand people. “Some 470 tanks, more than 1.7 thousand armored vehicles, 390 artillery systems and 220 systems of volley fire, about 490 combat aircraft, hundreds of helicopters, 24 combat ship. Russians create new and expand and upgrade existing bases and other military infrastructure,” – said the Ukrainian President.

Poroshenko said that since the beginning of Russian aggression against Ukraine has killed 2608 Ukrainian servicemen. “It was at this time three years ago “green men” started the illegal annexation of Crimea. 2608 Ukrainian servicemen were killed during the aggression. 2200 of them from the armed forces of Ukraine”, – he said.

He mentioned that Kyiv supports the efforts of NATO to strengthen the Eastern flank of the Alliance: “Ukraine fully supports and welcomes the efforts made by NATO to strengthen the Eastern flank of the Alliance to protect its member countries from enemy assaults of the Russian Federation”.

Increasing the combat readiness of the Ukrainian army Poroshenko tied with the “uncontested” presidential elections in Russia

Poroshenko said, reports “Interfax”that in 2016 the Armed forces of Ukraine adopted a contract for about 70 thousand Ukrainian volunteers, and from the beginning of 2017 signed another 4.5 thousand. Ukraine retains conscription for military
the service, while abandoning the mobilization, said Poroshenko.

“Last year was formed a powerful operational reserve of the first stage at the expense of the personnel who received the combat experience and now demobilized, but it is well motivated, highly professional and Patriotic. More than 130 thousand people. And at the same time, we keep the call to military service”, – said the President.

The necessity of increasing the combat readiness of the Ukrainian army, he connected with the upcoming Russian presidential election.

“Presidential elections in Russia, which will be held next year, now is an additional argument for increased combat readiness of the Armed forces of Ukraine. It is clear that the play of the muscles is the main election technology. The enemy’s course toward Ukraine and the outside world is, unfortunately, the support of Russian voters. As once said, “the people and the party United”, – said Poroshenko.

Ukraine, worried about the possibility of lifting anti-Russian sanctions in the United States, rumors of which came from the White house in January, regularly makes statements about the continuing Russian threat. So, at the Munich security conference Poroshenko said that the Russian leader Vladimir Putin was “deeply and sincerely” hate Ukraine and warnedthat “the appetites of Russia” is not limited “only Ukraine”.

At the end of January, Poroshenko suggested that Russia “directs activity on the weakening of the EU” through the influence on individual States to derange the relations within a political unit.

On 14 February President of the United States Donald trump, which is related to the prospect of improving bilateral relations between Washington and Moscow, has made it clear that he would seek the return of Crimea and Sevastopol under the control of Kiev. Ukraine is perceived as a “policy signal to the international community for the consolidation of forces in favour of international law and civilized world order”.

Poroshenko said about the increase of Russian military presence near Ukraine’s borders 22.02.2017

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